Sunday, April 14, 2013

Three more LIB musicians Haywyre, Herbert Bail Orchestra, HeRobust

Haywyre has been back in the U.S. since 2008 after living in Austria for a number of years.  Martin Vogt currently resides in Minnesota.  He started in music as a child as a pianist.  Today he takes that keyboard background into the digital world and creates gorgeous mixtures of glitch-hop, dub step and jazz.

Vogt's keys take a front seat on most of the tracks I listened to and that property invited me to listen more and longer.  Haywyre takes a simple melody and adds a nice, complimentary "left hand" then layers in all the other electronic sounds along with samples of real sounds.  I can feel a genuine creative process and hear the talent for skilled composition.  Haywyre's music will definitely have people dancing while feeling the warm-fuzzy kind of happy.

Herbert Bail Orchestra is not only a live band from L.A., they are a rather large group:

Anthony Frattolillo - voice, guitar
Andrew Katz - accordion, vocals, trombone
Colin Waling - keyboard, piano, vocals
Michael Villiers- drums, percussion
Jack Dawson - violin, banjo, guitar
Ryan McClain - bass
Danny T. Levin - trumpet, trombone
Ian Souter - trumpet
Jacob Hasset - viola/violin
Their most recent album, "The Future's In The Past" is an homage to gypsy folk music.  It definitely is it's own version of musical storytelling.

The group are definitely bards who write some very interesting lyrics.  The sound is folk/indie.  I'm sorry but I'm tempted to don my hipster garb for their set.  But for real I'd like to have some tinker's apparel with me and get into my own Irish traveller heritage for a while.  This is music to listen to, really pay attention and hear the tales being told.  You may come away with more knowledge than you arrived with and you will have felt a number of emotions.

HeRobust  comes in to represent the Southeast.  Hayden Kramer hails from Hotlanta GA. Although only at the electronic music thing for two years, HeRobust has pushed himself to the limit recording and releasing his own music along with collaborations and commissions.  Like most artists who, good things come to those who bust their asses while waiting, Kramer has caught the eye and ear of Skrillex, 12th Planet and Mad Decent among others.  They have spun his tracks live and on their websites helping grow his fanbase.

I like this guy.  He's fun.  On more than one track I got "video game soundtrack" only to learn that that was just the intro.  The songs then grow into more than something to roll monkeys around to.  Some songs have a whimsical feel and others have a wink and a nod.  All of the titles will at least make you smile if not laugh out loud.  Like I said, fun...a whole lot of fun.

Weekend One of Coachella is coming to a close but there's still #2.  If you're going next weekend remember to look up DoLab and checkout the snail from The Giant Storybook Project.  His/Her name is Helix.  DoLab and Lucent rest up for the next few days.  Peeps, get those tickets ordered for LIB. Talk to you again tomorrow. 

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