Saturday, April 6, 2013

LIB music - Andreilien, Black 22s, Blackbird Blackbird

Andreilien (Heyoka) is the first U.S. artist in the A-Z listing for LIB. Andrei Olenev comes from the San Francisco underground first using the moniker HEYOKA.  Andrei was using 'traditional' bass as his jump-off but was distinguishing himself from the production pack by doing a great deal of sonic exploration. His extensive tour schedule involves most of the well known electronica fests along with arts festivals such as Burning Man.

Andreilien will be bringing his magical mixture of digital sounds to LIB where they should induce a lot of movement of the bodies that participate in his sets.  I think I might swing by if I can just to pick out all the great mash-ups of everything from Eastern Indian influences to Reggae to just totally futuristic elements.

Black 22s are L.A. homeboys  J*Labs and Lou E. Bagels.  These guys mix up some seriously fun shit.  Break, electro, NuReggae and NeFunk and with a few pinches of dubstep. Each DJ has their own aesthetic which they combine into dance music infectious and innovative.  They are always striving for the latest and greatest so no two sets are the same.

The second track I listened to, "Strictly Savage" samples Queen in the best way possible.  Black 22s definitely rocked me and rolled me and had me moving.  I really had to fight to move on to listening to other artists I need to be writing about today. I highly recommend following the directions at the beginning this track-"turn it up really loud.  Preferably in a residential area".  By the way, you have to either go to their Facebook or Soundcloud as their tracks are not on Spotify.

Blackbird Blackbird complete today's "three" in A-Z and Mikey Maramag is also a Cali artist, another one from the City by the Bay.  His Facebook page describes the flavor of his music as "folktronica" and it really is.  Being a child of the 60's this has a 21st Century Woodstock sound especially the guitar lines.  It truly is a modern throwback to psychedelic pop.  I tend to classify my music by season and this is really great Summer music.  You could take it for a top-down cruise to the beach or the mountains or have it pumping out of speakers for a surf day followed by a bonfire.

I'd say I'd like to either do my afternoon writing sessions to this music or chilling out after sundown with friends at LIB.  This is such mellow music and without being meditation music, something to destress to.  Definitely something that will also be on my iPod before during and after Lightning In A Bottle.

As always-Google is your friend.  Look up these artists, visit their official sites, Facebooks, Soundclouds and Twitters.  And don't forget to bookmark Lightning In A Bottle for all the latest information on the festival.  For those of you venturing out to Coachella remember to find DoLab and Lucent Dossier.

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