Sunday, April 7, 2013

Round 3 of the LIB music line-up Blockhead, Cameron Angeli, Cari Lekebusch

Blockhead hails from my neck of the woods.  A real-life Manhattan guy.  His self-written bio on his Facebook proves his NYC street cred not only in the other DJ's he's worked with and music he has produced and recorded but just in his lingo.

The first track I listened to was from "Music By Cavelight" call "Insomniac Olympics" which sampled the Olympic theme.  It was an interesting combination of beats and instrumentals.  Then I switched over to his current album, "Interludes After Midnight".  I gotta say that this is more innovative than what I would think of when I hear the term hip-hop.  Blockhead does some really cool things with looped both sung and spoken vocals.  At some points it's more trip-hop.  I think I'd find myself use this more as background music for a late morning wind down before lunch.

Cameron Angeli  is part of a collective of "Music Savages, whose website peaked my curiosity the minute I got to the homepage and one of the buttons was "moustaches".  There's an official moustache archivist-Javier. But lets get to the music. Cameron is from L.A.  Went to college in Santa Barbara and majored in physics after discovering his talent for music.  But his science degree turned into a TV job back in Hollywood where he also continued his journey into the DJ world...something he was doing on the side in college.

You have to go to Reverbnation to listen to some of his tracks.  But that's ok.  There's a link from his page.  I found them all kind of ambient.  Not in a bad way just mellow.  Something to create to or have on the pod while reading.  He's right when Cameron says he doesn't spin a genre but a style.  Definitely a very signature sound.

Cari Lekebusch will be traveling to LIB from Stockholm.  His bio refers to him as a sound architect.  He has built and created these sounds with many of the big names in the Swedish techno world.  Cari heads up another collective he calls H-Productions which has a pretty lengthy roster.

Most of what I listened to is straight-up techno.  Everything is digitally created.  It's not incredibly complex but like other Scandinavian art and design what there is is very beautiful in its simplicity.  It might be something I give a few minutes I my time to just to see how it affects others that stop by to check it out.  This is the first artist so far that I appreciate the art but I'm sure there are others it speaks to more deeply.  But go listen for yourself.  Remember, all art is subjective.

As always, check them all out at their official sites and on Facebook.  Cari and Blockhead have lots of tracks on Spotify and Cameron is on Reverbnation.  And come to LIB to hear all this great music live.  and

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