Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lightning in a Bottle 2012 |

Lightning in a Bottle 2012 |

Michael Divine and Hans Haveron met at LIB this year and decided to work together on a painting.  This is what they did.  Currently the work is in Hans' studio where both artists intend to complete it.  This blog post is Michael's synopsis of the collaboration.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

OUR LADY rises in NYC by Our Lady — Kickstarter

OUR LADY rises in NYC by Our Lady — Kickstarter:

This project speaks to me in a number of ways.  It is a battle cry for the LGBT community.  It is a cry for help.  It is about saving our kids.  It is about the amazing, painstaking art of drag. It is a tribe-like event in my part of the world.  Please check out this Kickstarter and help if you can.  I think this is a project that needs to happen.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skins & Stones presents 2012 Lightning In A Bottle commemorative pendate

Memorial Day weekend is around the corner which means it's time again for DoLab's arts festival "Lightning In A Bottle.  This year, jeweler Shannon Shiang has desiged and produced the medallion to commemorate the event.

2012 holds a great deal of significance to many artists as our creativity is rooted in spirituality.  In celebration of the Mayans, Skins and Stones presents this gorgeous antiqued bronze medallion that uses the well-known head at its center in a reflection of the Mayan calendar.  Around the head are symbols of the festival; dance, music, meditation and art.  This motif is ringed with "Lightning In A Bottle".  On the outside edge is "DoLab" at the top and their signature "pods" (functional art) at the bottom.  The detail on this piece is so delicate and captures the spirit of Lightning In A Bottle  so perfectly.  It comes threaded on a leather thong.  

For the next week until the festival, you can get this medallion at $5.00 off the festival price. Instead of $40, you can do a presale purchase for $35. Those who purchase through May 23rd, can check in at the Skins and Stones booth in the vendor village. Shannon will have the list of the presale purchases available.  Only 100 will be sold for this special pricing. Please visit to place your order.