Friday, December 20, 2013

Two songs from "Spark: A Burning Man Story" up for Oscar

The creators behind the independent film, Spark: A Burning Man Story, are proud to announce two original songs that have made the qualifications for the 2014 Oscars.
Seventy-five songs from eligible feature-length 2013 motion pictures will contend for nominations in the "Original Song" category for the 86th Oscars, which includes "Let It Go" by Michael Franti and Spearhead and "We Ride" by Missy Higgins.
Watch A Scene From Spark Featuring "We Ride"
Australian songstress Missy Higgins provides the original theme song for the film and soundtrack. Missy worked with the filmmakers to compose "We Ride" for a breakthrough moment in the film which is essentially the heart of the album with its intimate, soulful production. Higgins wrote the lyrics based on her experiences at The Burn: "I've had some incredibly powerful moments riding through dust storms on the Playa, feeling as though I'm 'On the edge of the world, where the light never dies' so my song, 'We Ride' is an attempt to capture the essence of this magical, mind-bending wonderland that is Burning Man. I'm honored for it to be used as part of the soundtrack to Spark.” Grammy Award-Winning artist, writer and producer,Dan Wilson, (Adele, Dixie Chicks) produced the single, and also was an Executive Producer for the soundtrack album together with Film Director Steve Brown.
Watch A Scene From Spark Featuring "Let It Go"
"Let It Go" is another original song written just for the film. As a Burner, Michael Franti writes about how Burning Man helped change his perspective on life: "For me, the burn is about one very large, meaningful thing: the simple act letting go. Releasing what is no longer helping me, in order to clear space for new opportunities, new ways of seeing the world and my own life. That's what the song 'Let It Go' is all about. Spark is not just the story of Burning Man, it is the story of people who share the relentless quest for transformation of themselves, our society and the planet. Sometimes, a lot of the time actually, we stumble and this song is about getting up. I'm grateful to be a part of that journey."
Tune in to the soundtrack on Spotify.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lucent Dossier and The DoLab celebrating the Solstice and other events

Lucent Dossier has the West Coast covered this weekend w/ shows in San Francisco on Friday & Los Angeles on Saturday!

We're bringing you plenty of opportunities to go out, dance away the winter blues and turn up some wild holiday cheer with Lucent Dossier, Phutureprimitive, Stephan Jacobs & Pumpkin, Kaminanda & Love and Light, Emancipator and more over these next two weeks! 

Lucent Dossier Experience presents Solstice of the Dreamers


San Francisco - The Regency directions
Friday, December 20th, Doors 8pm                  

Los Angeles - The Fonda Theater directions
Saturday, December 21st, Doors 8pm              

Preview the show

Lucent Dossier Experience Presents "Solstice of the Dreamers"
Come experience the succulence of this crimson night! A ballroom filled with strange and wonderful characters, a wild and bizarre new stage performance by the Los Angeles based, world renowned performance troupe, Lucent Dossier Experience.
Let captivating live and electronic music, ecstatic dance, unique aerial arts and futuristic clowns lift you away in their newest show, "Solstice of the Dreamers"!  The year is 2037. The earth has seen great wars and destruction. For those who have prevailed a new world has arisen with new possibilities. In two cities, on the Winter Solstice, the darkest nights of the year…
Attending a Lucent show is like stepping into the surreal and then calling it yours. It's an opportunity to wear the emperors cloak, to be the clown, to be the mystic and forever relive the story. The story that is Lucent, the freedom, the joy, the playfulness lives inside of us. Come join us. Come shine your light….    
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Look at all the hot people! (that came to our past few shows)

Eoto, ill.Gates & Noncoding at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood

view gallery here

Beats Antique, ill-esha & Sorne at the Fonda Theater

view gallery here

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sharing the true holiday message-William Close & the Earth Harp Collective

This morning I caught William's tweet about The Earth Harp Collective's livestream performance in TX at the Lake Pointe church.  Being the proud owner of "Holidays" which William self-released this time last year I tuned in to see the live performance of some of its tracks..  The album includes songs that were recorded in the studio that was designed into the home that replaced the one he had lost in a fire two years earlier.  The studio's construction is such as to accommodate the harp and to replicate as close as possible in a recording the live experience of The Earth Harp.  This album shows that that effort was very successful but it is also great to see the Earth Harp and all the other instruments and voices with the holiday decorations around it.

I found this morning's performance ironic, prophetic and a huge opportunity.  Lake Pointe is a non-denominational, evangelical congregation...fundamentalist Christians.  Definitely not the people one would find on The Playa in August covered in skins and feathers, sending their praise and prayers to the Universe heavenward in the giant bonfire that is the immolation of The Temple. In fact, I think it's a safe bet that most of the people that attend this church and others like it would cross the street to avoid contact with the members of The Tribe and go home and say all manner of awful things about these dirty hippie, tree huggers.  And yet, this day those dirty hippies brought probably the truest, most glorious version of "the message" into their midst.

First and foremost my love of The Tribe and my gratitude to them for being invited into its fold is that we believe in a global community.  We believe that the New Era that we ushered in on the Solstice last year will culminate in the breaking down of all barriers.  No more will we use the words racist, biggot, homophobe.  There will be no terms that separate us from one another.  The lamb shall lie down with the lion and we will live in perfect peace.  We will know agape, unconditional love.  We are open to all religious options.  We recognize and respect the great prophets, the mighty people of the gods.  We know the names given to the divine mother and father spirits and honor them all.  We appreciate the merits of the life and words attributed to the man known as Jesus of Nazareth.

So it is that The Tribe came humbly into this gathering of those who claim to follow this Jesus and with them they brought His message of deep, peace.  They delivered spiritual healing with instrument and voice.  William, a human imbued with knowledge of the angels, brought that otherworldly instrument into this space so that humans could experience the actual sounds of Heaven.  Rafe came with that voice that rises over the din and delivers this glorious prayer in Jesus' own native language.  They came with the spirit of family-both nuclear and extended.  Sarah and William took their love for one another and pushed it into the strings of the Harp.

I'm sure that all the members of The Earth Harp Collective were well aware that the people they were sharing this with, in other circumstances, would not associate with them,  would call them heathens, unbelievers.  However, the agape love they live compels them to share the greater message.  To help fill in the blanks left in the theology.  The Tribe truly loves mankind.  It is not that we are "better than you"...we want to add our parts of the machine to this.  We want you to "live life abundantly".  We want to help break your hearts and spirits open, to throw open the gates and let the real joy, love and peace enter in.  This was your Jesus' message.  It can be so much more.

Thank you William, Sarah, Rafe, and all the other musicians who share their talents so unselfishly.  I have to say that I was terribly sad to find the words I feared seeing in the chat screen running alongside the video feed.  I pray often that "Christian" would live Jesus' teaching about not judging.  I wish they would open their spirits and see that we are all part of this family, we just have different ways of connecting with the Divine, worshiping, praising and honoring the Great Being(s) that created The Universe.  Interesting that it was a "fundie preacher" that once taught me that we all have a tiny sliver of this great Universal pie and the point for us each to share it to create the complete story.  Last year when I did my Good Friday labyrinth meditation, I saw this all as a giant machine and we are each a gear, a cog, a chain, a will take every one of us to run create peace.  Don't take the joy out of this holy season of The Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule...this season when we come together to find the strength to get through coldest part of the year, to celebrate having survived to the longest night and moving toward more hours of daylight even though it is a time that food is at its scarcest and weather its fiercest in the Northern Hemisphere.  All these holy days have elements of coming together, sharing a meal, gifting, decorating and bringing a light into a dark place.  I hope that those people who have accepted the twisted message of The Christ, have a vision of what my friends brought to them and shared with hearts filled with love and one day start to break down the walls and learn to live in real peace with ALL people.

You can purchase "Holidays" here:
and on iTtunes

Learn more about William Close and The Earth Harp:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Torture before murder - the death of living art

 Monday morning I woke up early with the intent of transcribing an interview done with a very bright spirited artist, instead I'm writing an obituary.  According to a series of tweets from Jonathan Cohen/Meres One, the present owners of the warehouse complex in Long Island City found a way to kill dreams and spirits.  With a whole lot of white paint and apparently an equal amount of police protection, 5 Pointz was beaten and stripped, left for dead.  Meres says that this morning all the exterior walls are stark white.

Dear Goddess I wish I had the money to pack my bags and move to Europe.  If I hear one more "patriot", "real American" aka Redneck asshole yell "We're number one" while fist pumping, I think I'm going to resort to physical violence.  For sure I will reply "No! No we're not! At least as long as jerks like you and corporate money grabbers are steering the culture of this country.  It's interesting, when I interviewed an Eastern European street artist, he reminded me that graffiti as art is one of the few things that the United States can claim as native culture (post Caucasian arrival).  Street painting was born here.  But just like our great music of the last thirty or so years, artists have to take it overseas for it to be appreciated.  

Dear skin heads, red necks, pearl clutchers, Tea Partiers, "middle America" what is your thing with wanting a country full of boring architecture, giant chain discount stores, awful music, cheesy movies and complete disinterest in visual art?  You want all women still dressed like June Cleaver and all males are supposed to be dude bro, knuckledraggers who drink lousy, corporately brewed beer while yelling at some sport on TV every weekend?  You find it revolting if a man chooses a career in the arts or sciences.  Most of you never travel beyond the borders of your states.  If you do go to New York, Boston or L.A., you wander around with your mouths open only visiting the tourist traps.  You take in the Broadway show that is getting the most media attention.  Do you know there is something called "off-Broadway"?  Did you know not all plays are musicals?  Have you ever taken yourself downtown and checked out all the cool boutiques, gardens and galleries?  Of course not. You all bolt for the closest chain restaurant because it's safe while mom & pop eateries that make superior, more creative food are suffering. You have no idea what the true personality of any of these cities are.  None at all. 

Gods forbid you would ever travel abroad.  Did you know that most European and Japanese kids have passports before they are old enough to walk?  In the U.S. most of us will die without ever having a passport.  

Safe is boring.  Safe does not expand your mind.  You will die only slightly more educated than when you were born.  The truth is is that you're too scared of truth and progress.  Corporations and big money keep you that way and you like it.  It's too easy to sit on the couch, in your safe little house and bitch and moan about all the horrible people in America...all the people who aren't just like you.  Did you know that your "god", my Divine Creator, made each and every one of us different for a reason and it wasn't to make yourself feel better by putting someone else down.  Yes, street artists are different from you.  Most of them work at night.  They can't take safety measures because people like you parrot the "its vandalism" song.  But their art is that important to them, needs to get out of them that bad that they are willing to risk their lives to paint.  I pray every day that corporations don't succeed in turning this country into a bunch of wooden, glass and steel boxes.  The more they can keep things the same, the safer you feel while they take over your life, your country.  You left your balls back in the 60's.  

So last night your apathy and fear resulted in the death of probably the only living aerosol gallery in the country.  With police protection but no permits, the owners of 5 Pointz renigged on their invitation to street artists again all for the all mighty dollar.  The steel and glass towers that will be built are just more of the "gentrification" of New York City. In the beginning, giving NYC a make-over consisted of try to hang onto to some of it's old beauty-sandblasting and renovating brownstones and other historic structures.  But not it just seems to be more and more homogenizing, tear down and put up more gray boxes.  This project is not only not necessary but more of the stripping away of New York City's heart and making it look like every place.  At least my son and I have our visit to 5 Pointz to carry in our hearts forever and also have many photos.  But future generations won't have that.  I hope the people who manage the street art project in Little Italy can provide spaces for more artists and other building owners around the five boroughs will open their walls to these painters and writers.  Our children, their children and on and on NEED art.  It is part of what makes us human.  It is our very souls in a tangible form that we share with the world.  Rest In Peace 5 Pointz.  You were a strong and beautiful being.  I am honored to have gotten to know you and will miss you dearly.   

Friday, November 8, 2013

Rahab - the Princess behind the Prince

In researching my first interview with Joshua Titchkosky/Prince Puja, I discovered his fierce alter ego, who he explains is his twin sister, Rahab.  It's taken me all this time to put together questions that I felt would do this phenomenal girl justice and allow her to really help people to get to know her better.

Joshua has told me that your a his sister. Are you older or younger?

We're identical twins but he's a couple minutes older.

Indian spirituality embraces reincarnation and past lives.  Have you two been family or friends in the past?

I think we've been together through most of our past lives... husband+wife, lovers, brother and sister, mother and son, father and daughter, etc. Eternally connected.

Which one of of you is a bigger inspiration on the other fashion-wise?

To be honest, I want to say that it's pretty equal. (Ok, maybe I think I inspire him a little more but shhh.) Our styles really play off of each other a lot. We kind of do the things that the other wouldn't. I feel like together we could wear anything. Sometimes I'm feminine and he's masculine or vice versa. We just like to play dress up and have fun!

Who are some of your fashion muses?

I have so many. I'm constantly inspired by everyone around me... friends, strangers, celebrities, icons, etc. But to name a few more well known people... Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness, Grimes, Kirsten Dunst, MIA, Tilda Swinton, Lady Gaga, Yolandi Visser.

Do you have a drag mother?

Puja is my drag brother!

You seem to embrace a more androgynous esthetic. Any particular reason for that choice?  (Personally I've come to appreciate this style. I love people like Raja and Jeffree Star and their "the rules are there are no rules" approach)

I believe that everyone has masculine and feminine energy in them and it's just a matter of how you choose to express it. Sometimes I express my femininity more and sometimes my masculinity. I feel that it's really empowering to just embrace the way you truly feel in a moment and live that out to it's fullest. So for me, sometimes that means putting on a suit and sometimes that means putting on a dress. But it almost always means putting on a pair of killer heels.

People like Raja and Jeffree Star were my biggest inspirations when I first starting exploring and discovering myself. That individuality and fearlessness is what I try to live in my own way every day.

In a follow-up round Rahab and I talked a bit further about Jeffree and Raja's roles in her life.  I especially loved what she had to say about Jeffree "Jeffree is so amazing because she just doesn't give any fucks. I applaud anyone who can be themselves amongst the sea of basic bitches."

What's the biggest difference between yours and Puja's personalities?  What's your biggest pet peeve with him?

I think I'm just a little louder and more outgoing. I really could give less fucks about what people think of me and my look/attitude/lifestyle/whatever. Sometimes he's so shy! I wouldn't even say it's a pet peeve but sometimes I just wish he would speak up a little more and be a little more aggressive/forward.

What's that one thing guaranteed to make you belly laugh?

Paris & Nicole in The Simple Life. It just never gets old! Haha.

Are you a hopeful romantic and relationship realist?

The only two relationships I truly care about are the one with Puj and the one with myself. I have romantic relationships with every person I meet and I'm very realistic about the fact that every person I encounter is my soul mate.

Suzie Homemaker or Party Girl?

Party Girl. Sometimes I dream of me being a cute little housewife but then I just imagine putting mollies in the punch and serving mints for lunch. Maybe not a bad idea? You can take the girl out of the party but you can't take the party out of the girl!

Movie night.  Will it be action-adventure, horror or comedy?

I just like movies with great characters, great stories, great visuals and great soundtracks. It's kind of like life...there are action moments, comedic moments and horrifying moments but they all make up part of the story. Sometimes I'm not very into the darker stuff but it's interesting to explore because there is darkness (and light) in each of us.

L.A. or NYC?

I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't been to NYC yet =( But I do love LA! So many amazing, talented people here. And it's just very laidback and free.

Anything at all that you want to include. I want to tell your story.

I just want to say that I feel so lucky to be able to share my story and I just want to tell everyone who reads this that I love you and I think you are beautiful and amazing and talented and if you don't already, I hope that one day you believe those things about yourself! This is the only life you have in this body so enjoy it and don't worry so much! HAVE FUN! CAUSE YOU'RE DAMN FIERCE!!! <3<3<3

It should be no surprise after this interview, I've told Rahab that now more than ever, I want to go to L.A. if for no other reason than to to paint the town red with her one night.  Can you blame me?

You can get find out even more about Rahab at:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The keys to Prince Puja's kingdom

Thanks to a new product line that Prince Puja has added, I was drawn back to this beautiful soul.  It is my honor and pleasure to finally add him to this blog where he belongs and share his journey and the latest additions to his jewelry creations.

It's been over three years since we last talked.  I have been keeping an eye on you and know that you are still promoting your lines on the web and have done trunk shows, arts events and Etsy.  What else has been happening with Puja both in the jewelry and fashion worlds?

I've just really been working on my craft. Developing my skills as well as my vision. I started taking some metal smithing classes and I just recently released a new collection (Key Elements) and have a few more things that I'm getting ready to release.

What are some of your biggest challenges getting your work recognized?

There are just so many super talented people out there doing their own thing now so it's just a matter of continuing to develop my skills and vision and constantly being out in the world in whatever way I can... social media, events, collaborations, etc. But I've realized lately that the most important thing to me is to create my work. I feel like there will always be ups and downs and there will always be people who like my work and people who don't so it's just a matter of creating what I truly believe in and sharing it with the people who care and want to support it.

Over the past two years I've become more aware of the differences between L.A. and the NY metro area as far as arts communities, lack thereof and arts cultures.  In your art, does competition play a big role in getting your "voice heard" above the others?

I think there is a healthy level of competition but I don't like to focus on that aspect too much. I think everyone who is truly following their own voice has a place in the art community (or world for that matter). I'm more interested in supporting and collaborating with other talented artists than trying to compete.

Is there collaboration in the jewelry world like there is in the performance and other visual arts part of the tribe.  Where, if at all, do you find a "leg up" from other members of the tribe?

I haven't done a lot of collaborative work but it's definitely something I'm very interested in getting into. At some point I would love to do some jewelry for a designer's show/presentation/lookbook. Again, I think my only real "leg up" is my ability to follow my own voice and persevere (continuing to create my work and get it out there as much as possible).

Your new key line was the spiritual kick for me to get back in touch with you.  What inspired it?  Do you find symbolism in keys, whole or broken, that fuels your muses?  Has this key line opened any doors for you?  What are your sources for keys (tag sales, found on the street, etc)?

My new key collection (Key Elements) all started with a lock and key that I got at a market in India a few years ago. They were just so beautiful so I got them and just had them on my bookshelf for a while and then the collection just came to me one day and I knew I had to physically manifest the ideas in my head. The lock has Shiva on one side (the Hindu God of Destruction) and an Om on the back.

Keys to me have so much symbolism. They open up worlds of possibilities. They can unlock secrets, treasures, memories, etc. And this collection in particular is all about finding the elements that make up the key(s) to unlocking your inner strength/power.

Are there other new lines in the works?  What are some of your current inspirations?

Working on a couple new collections right now. I feel like I've really started to find my voice recently and I'm so excited about the direction that I'm going now. I'm constantly inspired by anything and everything around me but a few of the big inspirations that I always go back to are India, religion, tribal people, traditional ethnic clothes, etc.

As for fashion...Do you strictly design for yourself?  Do you think you will explore more in that medium over time?  I know your culture/heritage is a big factor in your designing.  Where else do you draw inspiration from?

I'm always trying to bring all of the ideas in my head into reality so clothing/fashion always plays a big part in that. Whenever I go to India I get stuff made there because the quality and their knowledge of traditional Indian clothes is amazing. One day I might do a line but I feel like when I do it will be very specific and concentrated. Again there are so many talented people and so much great stuff out there right now that I just don't want to put out something unless I feel like it's really special/unique.

Lately I'm in what I'm calling "Dorothy mode".  My trip to CA in July never happened.  Initially it really bummed me out and then I found myself remembering Glinda's question to Dorothy just before she shows her how to use the ruby slippers.  "What have you learned?"  After a moment's thought Dorothy replies "If you can't find your heart's desire in your own backyard, then you never lost it in the first place".  Once I accepted that more and more members of the tribe have been coming east and I have gotten to spend time with them in NYC.  Do you think you will be traveling in this direction any time?

I love that! I haven't been to NYC in a few years and I've been itching to get out there. Don't have any plans yet but it's definitely something I'm working on! That line really rings true for me because I have loved traveling my whole life and I haven't gotten to do a lot of it in the past couple years and it's really forced me to appreciate where I am and learn that if I don't need to leave and go somewhere else to follow my dreams. (Although it is super fun to explore new places and is always such a learning experience so I'm looking forward to traveling again soon!)

I have gotten to know many members of the L.A. tribe now.  I also know that more than one of them are not "burners".  Have you ever been to Burning Man or any of the arts festivals?

I actually haven't! =( YET! Haha. I've been wanting to go for a few years but same thing with me, it just hasn't worked out with money/logistics. Part of me is a little sad that I didn't get to go sooner because I've heard Burning Man has changed quite a bit in the past few years but it's definitely something I want to experience and I feel like it will really be an important experience for me.

For more information on Prince Puja please visit:

Please check back tomorrow for my interview with Puja's gorgeous "twin sister", Rahab.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Over the last seven years the intellect of artists has becoming increasingly apparent to me.  Now let me preface that with "true artists".  I'm talking about people who create from their very core, heart and soul.  True artists create because if they don't they will explode.  Passionate people with messages, muses, inspirations and emotions.  People who have owned the main art they were born with and then went on to find the other mediums they had the talent to work with that also successfully conveyed their thoughts and feelings.

Musicians, chefs and visual artists tend to also be mathematically adept.  Many will also be interested in history but that subject is also common in all art.  Creators, no matter how inspired, will research their subject and use that history to better flesh out their work.  Of course writers and actors possess a passion for language.  Music, acrobatics, dance, architecture and fine arts include a variety of sciences.  So it's pretty safe to say that true artists are pretty nerdy.  In fact if you look back at your K-12 days, the arts kids and the  smart kids tended to all sit together at the lunch table.  In fact a good number of us were both.

"But Kath' what about currently popular musicians or actors who, in interviews, come off sounding dumber than a box of rocks?"  I say, these are not artists.  These are manufactured products of large corporations.  People who have enough knowledge to read words off a page or follow a producer's directions.  Everything else is left to editors and engineers to clean it up for public consumption.  As far as visual art?  Most of what is in the mainstream is the product of a computer with templates and other people's art.  It's slick. It's bright.  But there is not substance or emotion there.  There is no intellect required.  It's just a higher level of "paint by numbers".

Today a friend of a friend posted a link to a Youtube video that really makes the point of this post.  The young man being interviewed has been called a lot of names.  He has been considered "just another stupid rocker boy" and a lot of other things that he even mentions in this interview.  He is a true artist because he's never let any of that stop him from sharing his emotions.  He has tapped into his other talents.  He has braved some really tough times to make art and share it.  He has been rewarded for his efforts.  He's also been blessed with the ability to speak eloquently about his vision and his journey.  Watch and I think you will agree

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ricky Rebel - a revolution of healing through art

Under the shiny veneer of commercial show business is the larger community of real artists.  These people sing, dance, play and act because it's in their soul.  They can't not do it.  Sometimes one or two of them will break through the ice and make an appearance in the national or even international arena.  This has happened with a few members of the tribe.  Ricky Rebel found his crack in the looking glass with alternative rockers My Chemical Romance in the music video for the first single off their album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.  This video was the first chapter of a story about the Killjoys: Fun Ghoul (Frank Iero), Jetstar (Ray Torro), Kobra Kid (Mikey Way), Party Poison (Gerard Way), Tank Girl (Grace Jeanette), Dr. Deathdefying (Steve Righ of MSI) and Show Pony.  The roller skating, tights and tank wearing, helmet hidden revolutionary was portrayed by Ricky Rebel. 

Ricky had crossed my radar early in my journey into the tribe but then was lost track of as others took my time and attention.  Recently he was back as a strong blip when I learned of his connection to people I have grown close to.  I immediately made contact and we have had some great conversations including the following email interview. Ricky was destined to be a part of the tribe at some point.  He is adventurous, a risk taker, honest and passionate.  I hope you find him as interesting and charming as I do .

If you are in the Los Angeles area he will be playing at Bar Sinister on 6/29.  All the information can be found at the end of this post.   If you can't make it to the show be sure to visit his website where you can listen to his music, watch videos and look for other live performances.My favorite Language I speak is music. Music will always be my number one form of expression. Music is a Vibration. All things exist as energy as particles vibrating together. I try to reach others through music to create higher vibrations with one another.

I know that Ricky is a musician, a dancer, and a stylist. What other languages do you speak?  What was your first art.  Today which is your favorite to speak.

My first art is movement/physical body awareness and control. I learned that at age 7 when I started taking gymnastics classes. I Ranked 13th in the State of California. I had dreams of going to the Olympics, but that changed when I discovered dance and performing. It’s such a different world compared to the strict rules of gymnastics and competing. I prefer the no rules approach. 

I speak the language of healing. Through my music I heal my fans that I call my “Rebels.” I have read some amazing letters from Rebels all around the world that tell me how much my music has touched moved and inspired them. When they feel down they say that they can listen to my music and that it helps them get through the hard times. That’s why I do what I do. I want to heal people. 

My favorite Language I speak is music. Music will always be my number one form of expression. Music is a Vibration. All things exist as energy as particles vibrating together. I try to reach others through music to create higher vibrations with one another. 

What languages do you understand? Why?  Which speak to your heart? Your soul?

I speak the language of Music, Photography, Fashion, Film, and Acting. All of these art forms heal my soul. Film and acting I think are the most influential to me. Every time an amazing artist gets up and performs he or she is essentially acting. Acting is the highest and truest of all the art forms in my opinion. Without the ability to convey a message, tell a story, or become the role, than we are nothing as an artist. Life is acting. Acting is what we do everyday. We choose and create the roles that we play. 

Finally my favorite question...What is the one art that you wish you could create in that you positively suck at? 

Honestly, there are times that I feel like a shitty actor. But that’s only because I know in my heart that I can be great at it. One day I hope I portray a role that blows people minds. At this point, it’s the only art form that I haven’t proven to myself that I excel in. Which is a great thing. It means that I don’t have unrealistic expectations. As an actor. As an artist, that is the best position I feel I can best create in. As an actor I am the opposite of jaded. My heart is 100% open to the possibilities. At times I believe that I am a great actor, at times I don’t, which is cool because a few of my favorite actors are the ones that people agree, “suck.”

You are one of the post-modern gypsies, a member of the tribe.  Did you find them or did they find you?  

I found them so to speak. I was filming a Reality show for MTV about the life of underground Artists and I was looking for other people to get involved with the project. I came across Roxy Contin’s profile. I hit her up and we instantly became friends. She took me under her wing and introduced me to the tribe. She knew that I was friends with Adam Lambert so that helped to make us closer and trust one another. 

We are just starting to see influences and members of the tribe here on the east coast. Your thoughts on SoCal vs NYC arts scenes? 

I am all about Bi Coastal art culture. I believe that it is important for an artist to stay on top of what’s going on in both the SoCal and NY scenes. Both have important contributions to art and fashion. I feel like NYC is a faster tempo then CA though. Over here the weather is too comfortable. It makes us less rushed to survive. In NYC the elements are harsher so the instinct to survive is heightened. I hope to live in both places soon though. I feel like I would thrive in the NY state of mind. Everyone moves too slowly for me here in LA.

What is one thing that you really want people to know about you as a person or an artist?

I want people to know, to feel, and experience the authenticity that runs through all of the work that I do. I write, compose, perform, record, and produce all of my songs. Everything I do comes from an honest place. I have a message, and that is to “Rebel against the Darkness, and shine your light.” I want to be an example of someone who is true to their work, highly successful, and hopefully inspiring others in the process.

Ricky Rebel Live June 29th At Club Bar Sinister 
Bar Sinister located at Boardner's in the B52 Club 
1652 N. Cherokee Avenue, Hollywood, CA  90028 
Phone:  323.462.1934 or 9621
Site: ,, or 
Open:  10pm-3am 
Strictly 18 & Over 
Dress Code:  Gothic, Fetish, Alternative, Upscale or all Black Attire enforced – NO STREET CLOTHES or PICNIC ATTIRE!

For any further information on Ricky or upcoming performances, please check out the newly revamped official website:

Thursday, May 23, 2013

On being me

We all know that at the end of the day, blogs are more than a little self-serving.  They give we writers and wannabe writers, the chance to put our words out there for the world to munch on and then give us their feedback either by leaving a comment or by not coming back.  For me that's all good.

For the past seven years being me is pretty much the coolest thing ever...for me.  Whether others feel that way, it really doesn't matter.  It used to matter.  I was starved for validation.  Turned out I was looking in all the wrong places for it.  Admit it.  Every human wants to be validated.  We want to know that we have a purpose for being here.  It's in our DNA.  Today I get more than I deserve and it will blow my mind every minute till I leave this plain again.

The best thing about being me today is that I do not have any formal education beyond high school.  Not having a degree does limit job opportunities and affects my pay scale but it also means that I have created my own foundation and built me without blueprints with angles and elements proscribes by architectural scholars.  I was given a few building blocks in English classes on how to properly construct a sentence and a paragraph.  I learned from tutorials and a few library books about balancing a visual piece and aligning photograph.  I never took a single journalism class so I had no clue how to do an interview or write a review.  I walked into this thing cold!

"How is that a good thing?" you ask.  Easy, I ask the questions that journalists don't.  I allow my emotions to come into play in an interview.  It is no longer a "Q&A" but a conversation.  Unintentionally I open people up like the, proverbial, can of worms.  Most times I don't even mean to.  I let them tell their stories and their backstories.  I want it in context.  I introduce readers to the real people behind the art and I can do that because the ABSOLUTE BEST THING about my style is that, with very few exceptions, at the end of the conversation I have made a new friend.  The reason you, dear readers, feel the way you do about the people I write about here, on Not Your Mom's, Put A Face On It and for FourCulture is because I'm introducing you to people I have gotten to know enough to actually love, even if just a little.

Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to another friend.  He's pretty cool.  He has blue hair. hair.  He dances like a boss, sings and has a kind and gentle heart.  He is yet another member of the tribe.  So come back tomorrow and I'll let him tell you all about himself as an artist.  Peace out bitches.  Love you.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

All the latest from DoLab including lay-away for Lightning In A Bottle

LIB 2013!
Kill Paris This Friday Night at King King!
Follow The Do LaB:  
Kill Paris flyerKill Paris, Crywolf, & niceFingers!
Live painting by Natalie Bilmes
Los Angeles
Friday, May 3rd, 9pm - 2amKing King google maps
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Kill Paris
Kill Paris rockin the buttons and knobs!
Corey Baker aka Kill Paris has been scorching the internet blogosphere this summer. Receiving support from A-Trak, Dillon Francis, Flux Pavilion, and Skrillex. Kill Paris's focus has been on giving his music away for free and make it easier for people to share with others. Live shows consist of 90 percent originals and remixes. Corey is currently sharing the stage all over the US with the likes of Pretty Lights, Zion I, Mimosa, AraabMuzik, Whiskey Pete, Figure, Mac Miller, Infected Mushroom, & Nicky Romero to name a few.
We just did an exclusive interview w/ Kill Paris, check it out:
Do LaB: For fans who may just be discovering your music, can you tell us about how you got involved with music and how you’ve defined your own personal style. 
Kill Paris: "I started playing guitar about 10 years ago. Played in rock, metal, country, and indie bands. I’d say I’ve defined my style by making very emotion driven songs. I always keep it sexy."
Do LaB: What artists influenced you the most when developing your style, and in general?
Kill Paris: "Al Green, Bjork, Alex Metric, soooooo many artists. I really get inspired by artists who thrive to stay unique and really do their own thing. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mediocrity in music today, i like hearing and seeing artists take chances."
Listen to Kill Paris' music below:
Kill Paris Soundcloud

Crywolf whoops it up
Recently signed with Le Castle Vania’s label, Always Never, Crywolf (formerly Cry Wolf) otherwise known as Justin Taylor Phillips, is an electronic music producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist from Denver, Colorado. In the short, one-and-a-half year existence of Crywolf, Phillips’ melodic, heavy-hitting electro and dubstep remixes have been met with support from national acts such as Skrillex, 12th Planet, Adventure Club, Krewella and more. Crywolf’s tracks have been featured in Elektro Magazine,, been met with rave reviews from a multitude of blogs such as This Song Is Sick, Ear Milk, Play This Song Loud, Good Music All Day and more, and have held the #1 spot on both The Hype Machine and Twitter Music Charts twice. His debut EP, Ghosts, is set to release in April..
Listen to Crywolf's latest music below:
Crywolf Soundcloud
Nicefingers like Ganesh and stuff
Comprised of members Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider, niceFinger is passionate about bringing lovable, amazing, uplifting, bumpin and straight dirty music to your eardrums. It is no surprise that niceFingers has morphed into a composition/production duo determined to blend and bend the bass genre into something all their own. Delivering only the freshest tracks to satisfy your musical hunger, sit back and enjoy as the niceFinger vision continues to mature and evolve.
Listen to niceFingers' latest music below:
Nicefingers Soundcloud
Live painting by Natalie Bilmes
Natalie Bilmes artwork

Join us for another incredible night of music, art and dancing!
buy tickets
Lake Skinner Panorama 1
Lightning in a Bottle News & Updates
Vokab Kompany Exclusive Release!
We are excited to exclusively debut Vokab Kompany's new music video for "Float Away." Click below to watch:
Vokab Kompany
You can also download this song for free here:
See Vokab Kompany live at Lightning in a Bottle 2013!
See all the artists performing at LIB 2013:
we full!Volunteer & Vendor Applications are closed

Thanks to everyone that applied to volunteer or be a vendor at LIB this year! We received more applications than ever before, and are really inspired by you're willingness to participate and contribute to LIB.
Vendors have been selected and will hear back from our coordinators in the next few days.
Volunteer coordinators have filled all available volunteer slots and notified all accepted volunteers.
Save Your Pennies!LIB Layaway tickets now available!

Missed out on a free volunteer tickets? Lock in your LIB tickets for a low down payment before they sell out! Check it out:
Full Weekend Pass w/ Tent Camping - 3 payments
$80 + fees by Monday, May 20th
$80 payment Monday, June 3rd
$80 payment Monday, June 17th
Full Weekend Pass w/ Tent Camping - 2 payments
$120 + fees by Monday, May 27th
$120 payment Monday June 24th
Layaway purchases require signing up for an account on the beTicketing website.
Skinner Lake Panorama
Upcoming Do LaB Events - May & June
MartyParty flyerMartyParty
w/ Noah D and Trill Murray
Live painting by Alexander DCD Smith
Los Angeles
Friday, May 17th, 9pm - 2amKing King google maps
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Russ Liquid flyerRuss Liquid, Sugarpill
w/ Astronautica
Live painting by Evan Mendleson and Curtis Scoville
Los Angeles
Friday, May 31st, 9pm - 2amKing King google maps
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Gaudi flyerGAUDI w/ Special Guests TBA
Los Angeles
Wednesday, June 12th, 9pm - 2amKing King google maps
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San Diego
Thursday, June 13th, 9pm - 2amThe Ruby Room google maps
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Lake Skinner Panorama 2
The Do LaB Recommends
Lucent Dossier Private PartyLucent Dossier Experience
Private Party V & VI
Downtown Los Angeles
Friday, May 31st, 9pm - 2amThe Lighthouse parking: google maps
Friday, May 17th
buy tixbuy ticketsRSVP RSVP
Saturday, May 18th
buy tixbuy ticketsRSVP RSVP
Did you catch Lucent Dossier's incredible shows at The Do LaB at Coachella?? Now you can party with them up close at their private party! These sell out fast, so get your tickets now!

Skinner Lake Panorama