Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LIB next up - ChrisB, Crywolf, Desert Dwellers

ChrisB started out as a traditional instrumental musician in L.A. as a kid. He did a the singer-songwriter thing with a love for classic rock, hip-hop, funk and Jazz. But once he was bit by the electronic bug, he's passions turned to computers and decks.  Today it is glitch, crunk and bass that inspire this very creative producer.

Most tracks on Spotify are pretty trippy.  A lot of ambient sounds that I found pretty calming.  Many staple instrument tracks-piano, horn and strings mixed with generous helpings of all manner of noises.  This is another artist that I see as an afternoon listen for me.

Desert Dwellers are products of Sante Fe, NM.  They explore traditional primal, tribal sounds from Eastern India, Australia/New Zealand, and the Middle East, through a world of electronics.  They create an interesting mix of harmony and harmonics.

This is definitely music to meditate to and there are many moods so you can find the one that fits the focus of any spirit walk.  Some can talk you on a walk through the woods at night with digital faeries lighting your way.  Others are just a peaceful stop in the middle of a field.  And still others will have you running down a mountain with twists, turns, dangerous bumps and other obstacles.  This is an artist I will be listening to from now until long after I return from Lake Skinner.

Gotta come back to Crywolf tonight as there is confusion as to which Crywolf is the right one.

So you know the drill by now.  Spotify is your friend as is Soundcloud and Facebook for all these great musicians.  Check you Lightning In A Bottle and DoLab bookmarks for the latest info.  And let's have fun this summer!  Peace out.

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