Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lightning In A Bottle music line-up CryWolf, Eduardo Castillo, Emancipator

CryWolf is Justin Taylor Phillips who calls Denver, CO home.  He has joined the electronic music world a year and a half ago and has taken it by storm. He has be recognized by heavy hitters in the genre and been featured in both mainstream music media and better known blogs.  He has been signed by Le Castle Vania's label, Always Never and CryWolf's debut EP dropped today.

This producer mixes original vocals or samples with all manner of musical noises.  Most of the tracks I listened to are real patchwork quilts of sound that result in things you could dance to or just listen to.  Justin has remixed numerous well known pop and alt songs, from Justin Timberlake to The Killers.  There's a lot to listen to on his Soundcloud so you get a pretty clear idea of what you will hear at a live performance.  I think I will stop by his set for at least a taste as I am interested in the pieces he uses to build a track.

Eduardo Castillo is originally from Venezuela but now lives in Los Angeles.  There's not much biographic information on him on his official site or on his Facebook.  However, his SoundCloud is stocked fairly well with music.  Most of what I took quick listens to was very ambient which was nice.  It's soothing and I found piano used a good deal.  Eduardo is another one of those artists that I think anyone would use his music as more of a soundtrack for some activity other than dancing and yet in the same breath, I could see someone doing an intricate hula hoop number to more than one track.


Emancipator (Doug Appling) lists both Vienna, VA and Portland, OR as hometowns.  His recorded music was first released in Japan but people who heard it and liked it passed it on to enough other people that the album was released in the U.S. in September of 2009.  His latest LP, "Dusk To Dawn" was released at the end of January of this year.  He is currently touring in Europe and has a full summer schedule, hitting numerous music festivals. Emancipator lists trip-hop, downbeat and electronica as his prominent genres.

My experience listening to the selections posted in the player on his site was very "visual".  These compositions paint very distinct pictures of landscapes, seasons, architecture or will create a "video" in your mind of some scenario.  I found myself wandering through Manhattan or watching a time-lapse of a full year in a deep part of an old forest.  This music is almost tactile.  Smooth and rough, sharp and soft.  For me Doug's music is more inspirational than meditational.  I could see it sparking the creation of other arts, from clothing design to modern ballet.  He is on my must-see list for sure.

Please do you own research on these and all the artists scheduled to be part of LIB. I'm only fourteen artists in to a list of sixty-five and already it has been a journey that has something for just about any taste.  Don't forget to hit up the LIB and DoLab websites along with following them on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest info.  DoLab is hangin' with the desert homies at Coachella this weekend so go find them and Lucent Dossier if you're attending.

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