Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lightning In A Bottle Music Line-up A-Z: Eprom, Eskmo, François K

Eprom is a San Francisco producer respected by his fellow artists.  He collaborated with Boreta from Glitch Mob.  He has recorded and released tracks on numerous labels around the world.  

Reading Eprom's bio in his press kit I was really curious if it was just creative wordsmithing or if there was something to it.  Crunchy? Mutated? Neurocrunk? Well the first word that was proved out was experimental.  This is definitely the music of the new generation.  It sounds like nothing from the past or from the current mainstream.  So many different elements piled on top of each other.  There was on track that did have the twisted flavor of something from centuries past but the emphasis is on twisted.  I'll be honest, this is not my steez at all but I have to give this artist cred for true creativity, ingenuity and innovation.  Eprom thinks way outside the box and does not allow himself to be boxed in by traditional definitions of music.  This is what art is about and so I hope there is a lot more to come.  I imagine attendees of LIB who are into electronic soundscapes or looking for something really new will be hanging out for this producer's set.

Eskmo could not have worked out better in my alphabetical run-down as Brendan Angelides has collaborated with Eprom.  Eskmo is a very prolific Los Angeles producer who has released numerous EPs, singles and LPs.  

The first tracks I listened to were the one done with Eprom.  Their styles are very complimentary.  Continuing to Brendan's solo creations, I feel his more grand, yet smooth sounds balance out Eprom's more compact and staccato ones.  I find Eskmo is more "dancey" and include some traditional instrument sounds that I like.   If we're going to talk overall creative eye and being able to pick great fine art to grace the covers of his recordings, Eskmo's choice of working with Trek Matthews art for "Languages" and "Earth and Words" is brilliant.  Thank you Brenda for adding another new fine artist to my list of favorites.   

François K according to his Wiki is a Frenchman who migrated to New York City in 1975.  He has some pretty impressive roots in the NYC scene having his name associated with Studio 54, the disco icon that will go down in history for the very, very good and worst of the worst but still iconic.  He is a bit of a patriarch in electronica.  He has been inducted into the Dance Music Hall Of Fame and remains a prolific studio recording engineer and live performer.

Francois K's top tracks on Spotify are all over 7 minutes long so you have time to really immerse yourself in them.  I definitely heard and felt the earliest elements of electronic music in these recordings.  This producer is leaving a legacy for the up and comers.  He is teaching them about their history.  Francois' also takes classic modern genres such as hip-hop, reggae and pop and intergrates them flawlessly with digital elements. Where Eprom is where 21st Century music is going, Francois K is where it came from.  For nostalgia sake I will surely drop by his performance at LIB to reclaim my own history.

Of course I'm going to remind you all to check out these artists' official websites, social network presences including places like SoundCloud.  I found all three this time on Spotify.  Drop in and woogie with the Do-ers at Coachella this weekend.  Visit LIB's site to order your tickets and buy some merch.  Let's have fun.

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