Friday, April 5, 2013

A-Z of the Lightning In A Bottle Line Up-A.Skillz, Aaron Snapes & Acid Pauli

A. Skillz mixes up some rap, funk and break beat and your head starts bopping the minute the first track hits your ears.  It was fun to listen to a few songs before looking up Adam Mills' bio.  When you do you'll be surprised to find this white, English boy.  Dude has serious soul and righteous raps.  A.Skillz mashes up traditional old school fuck, electronica that tastes like the 70's but uses ingredients of modern technology to get there.  It will be interesting to see where he is scheduled time-wise during LIB because I was feeling an after-lunch dance party with these sounds.

Aaron Snapes is another UK import bringing some crazy house music to Lake Skinner.  Snapes grew up in the London scene searching for the sounds that fed his soul.  Trance, Garage, drum & bass along with traditional hip-hop are in his original mise en place.  Today he just wants to make people dance.  He admits he doesn't take it too seriously and by not doing so, he is pumping out beats that just seem to make the whole body want to move.  So bring your best body roll to LIB it's going to get a work out for sure.  Honestly I'd ove to wake up to this, do some dancing with a coffee style in I'm doing right now.

Acid Pauli mixes up mostly chill, mellow electronica. I was left on my own with this German artist as even his website doesn't contain any bio material.  Thankfully there is a lot of his music on Spotify so you can get a feel for this musician.  There's some sound experimentation that goes on in certain tracks.  I always like an artist willing to work outside the box, well at least if they can find the right combinations.  The mixing of different textures and tempos within the same recording is really interesting.  "Farewell Fred" I heard the coffee perking, reading your horoscope before moving on to the crossword puzzle after the coffee is poured, tapping the pencil on the table...a great morning song.  I could do late afternoon writing, editting or napping to this music.

Tomorrow I'll review Andreilien, Black 22s and Blackbird Blackbird

Check out everything LIB at and  All these great folks can also be found on Facebook and Twitter so friend them and follow them.  Hope to see you all in Temecula in July.

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