Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FourCulture: issue 6

Check out the new issue of FourCulture. More awesome artists you need to get to know.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Three more LIB musicians Haywyre, Herbert Bail Orchestra, HeRobust

Haywyre has been back in the U.S. since 2008 after living in Austria for a number of years.  Martin Vogt currently resides in Minnesota.  He started in music as a child as a pianist.  Today he takes that keyboard background into the digital world and creates gorgeous mixtures of glitch-hop, dub step and jazz.

Vogt's keys take a front seat on most of the tracks I listened to and that property invited me to listen more and longer.  Haywyre takes a simple melody and adds a nice, complimentary "left hand" then layers in all the other electronic sounds along with samples of real sounds.  I can feel a genuine creative process and hear the talent for skilled composition.  Haywyre's music will definitely have people dancing while feeling the warm-fuzzy kind of happy.

Herbert Bail Orchestra is not only a live band from L.A., they are a rather large group:

Anthony Frattolillo - voice, guitar
Andrew Katz - accordion, vocals, trombone
Colin Waling - keyboard, piano, vocals
Michael Villiers- drums, percussion
Jack Dawson - violin, banjo, guitar
Ryan McClain - bass
Danny T. Levin - trumpet, trombone
Ian Souter - trumpet
Jacob Hasset - viola/violin
Their most recent album, "The Future's In The Past" is an homage to gypsy folk music.  It definitely is it's own version of musical storytelling.

The group are definitely bards who write some very interesting lyrics.  The sound is folk/indie.  I'm sorry but I'm tempted to don my hipster garb for their set.  But for real I'd like to have some tinker's apparel with me and get into my own Irish traveller heritage for a while.  This is music to listen to, really pay attention and hear the tales being told.  You may come away with more knowledge than you arrived with and you will have felt a number of emotions.

HeRobust  comes in to represent the Southeast.  Hayden Kramer hails from Hotlanta GA. Although only at the electronic music thing for two years, HeRobust has pushed himself to the limit recording and releasing his own music along with collaborations and commissions.  Like most artists who, good things come to those who bust their asses while waiting, Kramer has caught the eye and ear of Skrillex, 12th Planet and Mad Decent among others.  They have spun his tracks live and on their websites helping grow his fanbase.

I like this guy.  He's fun.  On more than one track I got "video game soundtrack" only to learn that that was just the intro.  The songs then grow into more than something to roll monkeys around to.  Some songs have a whimsical feel and others have a wink and a nod.  All of the titles will at least make you smile if not laugh out loud.  Like I said, fun...a whole lot of fun.

Weekend One of Coachella is coming to a close but there's still #2.  If you're going next weekend remember to look up DoLab and checkout the snail from The Giant Storybook Project.  His/Her name is Helix.  DoLab and Lucent rest up for the next few days.  Peeps, get those tickets ordered for LIB. Talk to you again tomorrow. 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Today's three LIB musicians - Gladkill, Goldroom, GRiZ

Gladkill is a native New Yorker who migrated to the other city-by-the-Bay, Oakland where he joined the Headtron collective. Boris Gladkikh's popularity continues to grew since he first started playing out live in 2009. He has booked slots on numerous large music festivals including Coachella.

Let's start with Gladkill's website.  I think he may be one of the many innovators that will usher the industry into new and profitable options.  Gladkill is not the first artist to give music away but in doing so, especially in the environment of a visually beautiful while being well laid out site definitely plants seeds to grow his base.  People come to the site and want to stick around.  They can click on songs in the Soundcloud widget then go read a great bio, look at tour schedules or compose an email.  There is a merch link but the store is not open yet.  It's just a very pleasant experience.  Feeling good about an artist just from their web presence already entices people to pay for a ticket to a show or buy merch and other recordings that are for sale.

As for music?  Fantastic in the fantasy sense.  It feels like a quest through a storybook from the future.  Castles, heroes and villains from some far away planet.  The compositions are "pretty".  I'd want to dress up for Boris's performances in something flowy and maybe put on a pair of wings of some sort.  Then dance the tale being created by the music.  I really like it and will try to experience it in July.

Goldroom or Josh Legg is a Los Angelan who has physically toured the world already.  He has had successful singles that charted and got mentions in major music medium.  He has collaborated with yesterday's heavy hitter, Gigamesh.  His website contains a lot of audio/visual treasures.  The homepage is filled with videos to feast your eyes and ears on.  Before going off on his own as Goldroom, Josh was part of the synth-pop trio, NightWaves.

This music has a soul full of pop.  Besides wicked electronic and instrumental hooks there are sweet vocals that people can surely sing along to, especially cruising down the highway.  This is was I classify as summer music. I imagine a lot of group and couples dancing going on to these tracks.  If its spirit is pop, its heart has an island/beachy beat, one that is most definitely one that requires heads bobbing and bare or sandaled feet doing that little moving around about a 5' circle in the grass or on the sand.  This is pop without apologies.  It is original, well written and performed. Too bad radio doesn't spin good music like this.

GRiZ is just a babe.  Only 21 years old and hailing from the Motor City, this guy is currently in the midst of a U.S. tour before doing the summer festival circuit.  According to his Facebook this is his first time at LIB and he is stoked to come.  Grant Kwiecinski is another artist building his rep by giving away his recordings.  If you visit his site you can download his current record, "Mad Liberation".  Make sure to read Grant's explanation of the album and note the fact that he is humble enough to thank you for listening.  I am impressed when he admits to not having a fancy studio.  The other thing I liked was his statement that he is a "vinyl lover and a people hugger" . Leads me to believe there is a great stripe of humbleness that runs through him.

His music really is, as GRiZ describes, a collection of noise.  But there are melodies and a solid beat working as the bread to hold these sound sandwiches together.  Grant likes to play with all the new buttons and knobs on the deck or in his computer while also throwing in some cool vocal elements that act as flavor enhancing condiments.  His songs are really fun.  I even came across little humorous add ins to make sure you are smiling or even laughing while listening.  I think I'd love some of these tracks as replacements for the ones in Mario Kart.  Especially "Yesterday's Dream" is music to game by.

To all my fellow nerds and geeks, weirdos and freaks doin' the Coachella, don't forget to boogie it at the Woogie with the DoLab crew.  Everyone, if you haven't already, get your tix for LIB and support all the really great arts and artists out there.   Peace.

LIB music line-up, the "Gs" - Gigamesh, Giraffage, gLAdiator

Gigamesh aka Matthew Thomas Masurka is the first artist on this list from the "Midwest".  Gigamesh is from 1/2 of the twin cities, the half with the Mall Of America (and home of my absolute favorite pop-punk band Motion City Soundtrack - yes totally shameless promotion).  Matthew comes to Temecula with a pretty impressive pedigree.  This dude is a multi-platinum selling DJ and producer.  Not many people have not heard Mike Posner's "Cooler Than Me".  Yeah, Gigamesh produced that schnizz along with that song you wish you could get out of your head, "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People which won them a Billboard Award and got them a grammy nom (another shameless plug-this time for my friend Meghan Tonjes for her phenom acoustic rework of 'Kicks).   But back to Gigamesh. He's got balls of steel for remixing the heavyweights like Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson and Radiohead.  His music is definitely for dancing and has deep pop roots.

I found the tracks I listened to just plain fun.  Listen we all know that Pumped Up Kicks can get annoying as hell cuz you can't get it out of your head but you know why?  It has huge, honkin' hooks.  Gigamesh's own work is the same...five minute long hooks that get stuck in your head, get your body moving and will find you still dancing to the song as it plays in your brain an hour later.  I wanna swing by his stage just to be part of a good old fashion dance party.

Giraffage  does have an official site besides the Facebook link here but the background is rather intense and there's really not much there.  But we digress.  Giraffage is Charlie Yin representing the Bay Area.  A DJ who likes to take his samples from the pop world, he records on Alpha Pup Records.  He's kind of a man of few words. Charlie has a number of social network presences but not a wiki.  Guess that gives me a reason to try to book some press time with him.

This DJ likes to "warp" sound from the tracks I listened to. For me its definitely more techno/electronica than pop.  Tracks feel like explorations of what one can do with computers and decks.  It's not unpleasant but mixes patterns.  Before you can get settled into one the piece will change up and take a side road.  It is more soundscape-y and even meditational.  It feels morning music to coffee to.

gLAdiator are Dani Goodman and Ian Johnson from "LA" of course. They list their genres as trap, bass and turn up.  There is definitely an urban background to their tracks but with a trippy alter ego.  Oh but then in comes the rap.  Some of the tracks on their Soundcloud point to some good dance-offs or could soundtrack a decent cardio workout.  I can see them drawing an audience that has a love of hip-hop.  However, if repetitive agitates you, this might not be your cup of tea.  This maybe another artist I need to come back to in a different state of mind. Right now it is just not resonating with me. By the way, you'll have to go to Soundcloud to listen to these guys as they are not on Spotify.

So safe travels to those going to Coachella this weekend.  Do NOT forget to check out my friends DoLab and Lucent Dossier while your there.  Look these artists and all the others up on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.  Also some of these folks are on tmblr, Pinterest, Youtube and Vine.  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lightning In A Bottle Music Line-up A-Z: Eprom, Eskmo, François K

Eprom is a San Francisco producer respected by his fellow artists.  He collaborated with Boreta from Glitch Mob.  He has recorded and released tracks on numerous labels around the world.  

Reading Eprom's bio in his press kit I was really curious if it was just creative wordsmithing or if there was something to it.  Crunchy? Mutated? Neurocrunk? Well the first word that was proved out was experimental.  This is definitely the music of the new generation.  It sounds like nothing from the past or from the current mainstream.  So many different elements piled on top of each other.  There was on track that did have the twisted flavor of something from centuries past but the emphasis is on twisted.  I'll be honest, this is not my steez at all but I have to give this artist cred for true creativity, ingenuity and innovation.  Eprom thinks way outside the box and does not allow himself to be boxed in by traditional definitions of music.  This is what art is about and so I hope there is a lot more to come.  I imagine attendees of LIB who are into electronic soundscapes or looking for something really new will be hanging out for this producer's set.

Eskmo could not have worked out better in my alphabetical run-down as Brendan Angelides has collaborated with Eprom.  Eskmo is a very prolific Los Angeles producer who has released numerous EPs, singles and LPs.  

The first tracks I listened to were the one done with Eprom.  Their styles are very complimentary.  Continuing to Brendan's solo creations, I feel his more grand, yet smooth sounds balance out Eprom's more compact and staccato ones.  I find Eskmo is more "dancey" and include some traditional instrument sounds that I like.   If we're going to talk overall creative eye and being able to pick great fine art to grace the covers of his recordings, Eskmo's choice of working with Trek Matthews art for "Languages" and "Earth and Words" is brilliant.  Thank you Brenda for adding another new fine artist to my list of favorites.   

François K according to his Wiki is a Frenchman who migrated to New York City in 1975.  He has some pretty impressive roots in the NYC scene having his name associated with Studio 54, the disco icon that will go down in history for the very, very good and worst of the worst but still iconic.  He is a bit of a patriarch in electronica.  He has been inducted into the Dance Music Hall Of Fame and remains a prolific studio recording engineer and live performer.

Francois K's top tracks on Spotify are all over 7 minutes long so you have time to really immerse yourself in them.  I definitely heard and felt the earliest elements of electronic music in these recordings.  This producer is leaving a legacy for the up and comers.  He is teaching them about their history.  Francois' also takes classic modern genres such as hip-hop, reggae and pop and intergrates them flawlessly with digital elements. Where Eprom is where 21st Century music is going, Francois K is where it came from.  For nostalgia sake I will surely drop by his performance at LIB to reclaim my own history.

Of course I'm going to remind you all to check out these artists' official websites, social network presences including places like SoundCloud.  I found all three this time on Spotify.  Drop in and woogie with the Do-ers at Coachella this weekend.  Visit LIB's site to order your tickets and buy some merch.  Let's have fun.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lightning In A Bottle music line-up CryWolf, Eduardo Castillo, Emancipator

CryWolf is Justin Taylor Phillips who calls Denver, CO home.  He has joined the electronic music world a year and a half ago and has taken it by storm. He has be recognized by heavy hitters in the genre and been featured in both mainstream music media and better known blogs.  He has been signed by Le Castle Vania's label, Always Never and CryWolf's debut EP dropped today.

This producer mixes original vocals or samples with all manner of musical noises.  Most of the tracks I listened to are real patchwork quilts of sound that result in things you could dance to or just listen to.  Justin has remixed numerous well known pop and alt songs, from Justin Timberlake to The Killers.  There's a lot to listen to on his Soundcloud so you get a pretty clear idea of what you will hear at a live performance.  I think I will stop by his set for at least a taste as I am interested in the pieces he uses to build a track.

Eduardo Castillo is originally from Venezuela but now lives in Los Angeles.  There's not much biographic information on him on his official site or on his Facebook.  However, his SoundCloud is stocked fairly well with music.  Most of what I took quick listens to was very ambient which was nice.  It's soothing and I found piano used a good deal.  Eduardo is another one of those artists that I think anyone would use his music as more of a soundtrack for some activity other than dancing and yet in the same breath, I could see someone doing an intricate hula hoop number to more than one track.


Emancipator (Doug Appling) lists both Vienna, VA and Portland, OR as hometowns.  His recorded music was first released in Japan but people who heard it and liked it passed it on to enough other people that the album was released in the U.S. in September of 2009.  His latest LP, "Dusk To Dawn" was released at the end of January of this year.  He is currently touring in Europe and has a full summer schedule, hitting numerous music festivals. Emancipator lists trip-hop, downbeat and electronica as his prominent genres.

My experience listening to the selections posted in the player on his site was very "visual".  These compositions paint very distinct pictures of landscapes, seasons, architecture or will create a "video" in your mind of some scenario.  I found myself wandering through Manhattan or watching a time-lapse of a full year in a deep part of an old forest.  This music is almost tactile.  Smooth and rough, sharp and soft.  For me Doug's music is more inspirational than meditational.  I could see it sparking the creation of other arts, from clothing design to modern ballet.  He is on my must-see list for sure.

Please do you own research on these and all the artists scheduled to be part of LIB. I'm only fourteen artists in to a list of sixty-five and already it has been a journey that has something for just about any taste.  Don't forget to hit up the LIB and DoLab websites along with following them on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest info.  DoLab is hangin' with the desert homies at Coachella this weekend so go find them and Lucent Dossier if you're attending.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LIB next up - ChrisB, Crywolf, Desert Dwellers

ChrisB started out as a traditional instrumental musician in L.A. as a kid. He did a the singer-songwriter thing with a love for classic rock, hip-hop, funk and Jazz. But once he was bit by the electronic bug, he's passions turned to computers and decks.  Today it is glitch, crunk and bass that inspire this very creative producer.

Most tracks on Spotify are pretty trippy.  A lot of ambient sounds that I found pretty calming.  Many staple instrument tracks-piano, horn and strings mixed with generous helpings of all manner of noises.  This is another artist that I see as an afternoon listen for me.

Desert Dwellers are products of Sante Fe, NM.  They explore traditional primal, tribal sounds from Eastern India, Australia/New Zealand, and the Middle East, through a world of electronics.  They create an interesting mix of harmony and harmonics.

This is definitely music to meditate to and there are many moods so you can find the one that fits the focus of any spirit walk.  Some can talk you on a walk through the woods at night with digital faeries lighting your way.  Others are just a peaceful stop in the middle of a field.  And still others will have you running down a mountain with twists, turns, dangerous bumps and other obstacles.  This is an artist I will be listening to from now until long after I return from Lake Skinner.

Gotta come back to Crywolf tonight as there is confusion as to which Crywolf is the right one.

So you know the drill by now.  Spotify is your friend as is Soundcloud and Facebook for all these great musicians.  Check you Lightning In A Bottle and DoLab bookmarks for the latest info.  And let's have fun this summer!  Peace out.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Round 3 of the LIB music line-up Blockhead, Cameron Angeli, Cari Lekebusch

Blockhead hails from my neck of the woods.  A real-life Manhattan guy.  His self-written bio on his Facebook proves his NYC street cred not only in the other DJ's he's worked with and music he has produced and recorded but just in his lingo.

The first track I listened to was from "Music By Cavelight" call "Insomniac Olympics" which sampled the Olympic theme.  It was an interesting combination of beats and instrumentals.  Then I switched over to his current album, "Interludes After Midnight".  I gotta say that this is more innovative than what I would think of when I hear the term hip-hop.  Blockhead does some really cool things with looped both sung and spoken vocals.  At some points it's more trip-hop.  I think I'd find myself use this more as background music for a late morning wind down before lunch.

Cameron Angeli  is part of a collective of "Music Savages, whose website peaked my curiosity the minute I got to the homepage and one of the buttons was "moustaches".  There's an official moustache archivist-Javier. But lets get to the music. Cameron is from L.A.  Went to college in Santa Barbara and majored in physics after discovering his talent for music.  But his science degree turned into a TV job back in Hollywood where he also continued his journey into the DJ world...something he was doing on the side in college.

You have to go to Reverbnation to listen to some of his tracks.  But that's ok.  There's a link from his page.  I found them all kind of ambient.  Not in a bad way just mellow.  Something to create to or have on the pod while reading.  He's right when Cameron says he doesn't spin a genre but a style.  Definitely a very signature sound.

Cari Lekebusch will be traveling to LIB from Stockholm.  His bio refers to him as a sound architect.  He has built and created these sounds with many of the big names in the Swedish techno world.  Cari heads up another collective he calls H-Productions which has a pretty lengthy roster.

Most of what I listened to is straight-up techno.  Everything is digitally created.  It's not incredibly complex but like other Scandinavian art and design what there is is very beautiful in its simplicity.  It might be something I give a few minutes I my time to just to see how it affects others that stop by to check it out.  This is the first artist so far that I appreciate the art but I'm sure there are others it speaks to more deeply.  But go listen for yourself.  Remember, all art is subjective.

As always, check them all out at their official sites and on Facebook.  Cari and Blockhead have lots of tracks on Spotify and Cameron is on Reverbnation.  And come to LIB to hear all this great music live. www.lightninginabottle.org  and http://thedolab.com/

Saturday, April 6, 2013

LIB music - Andreilien, Black 22s, Blackbird Blackbird

Andreilien (Heyoka) is the first U.S. artist in the A-Z listing for LIB. Andrei Olenev comes from the San Francisco underground first using the moniker HEYOKA.  Andrei was using 'traditional' bass as his jump-off but was distinguishing himself from the production pack by doing a great deal of sonic exploration. His extensive tour schedule involves most of the well known electronica fests along with arts festivals such as Burning Man.

Andreilien will be bringing his magical mixture of digital sounds to LIB where they should induce a lot of movement of the bodies that participate in his sets.  I think I might swing by if I can just to pick out all the great mash-ups of everything from Eastern Indian influences to Reggae to just totally futuristic elements.

Black 22s are L.A. homeboys  J*Labs and Lou E. Bagels.  These guys mix up some seriously fun shit.  Break, electro, NuReggae and NeFunk and with a few pinches of dubstep. Each DJ has their own aesthetic which they combine into dance music infectious and innovative.  They are always striving for the latest and greatest so no two sets are the same.

The second track I listened to, "Strictly Savage" samples Queen in the best way possible.  Black 22s definitely rocked me and rolled me and had me moving.  I really had to fight to move on to listening to other artists I need to be writing about today. I highly recommend following the directions at the beginning this track-"turn it up really loud.  Preferably in a residential area".  By the way, you have to either go to their Facebook or Soundcloud as their tracks are not on Spotify.

Blackbird Blackbird complete today's "three" in A-Z and Mikey Maramag is also a Cali artist, another one from the City by the Bay.  His Facebook page describes the flavor of his music as "folktronica" and it really is.  Being a child of the 60's this has a 21st Century Woodstock sound especially the guitar lines.  It truly is a modern throwback to psychedelic pop.  I tend to classify my music by season and this is really great Summer music.  You could take it for a top-down cruise to the beach or the mountains or have it pumping out of speakers for a surf day followed by a bonfire.

I'd say I'd like to either do my afternoon writing sessions to this music or chilling out after sundown with friends at LIB.  This is such mellow music and without being meditation music, something to destress to.  Definitely something that will also be on my iPod before during and after Lightning In A Bottle.

As always-Google is your friend.  Look up these artists, visit their official sites, Facebooks, Soundclouds and Twitters.  And don't forget to bookmark Lightning In A Bottle for all the latest information on the festival.  For those of you venturing out to Coachella remember to find DoLab and Lucent Dossier.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A-Z of the Lightning In A Bottle Line Up-A.Skillz, Aaron Snapes & Acid Pauli

A. Skillz mixes up some rap, funk and break beat and your head starts bopping the minute the first track hits your ears.  It was fun to listen to a few songs before looking up Adam Mills' bio.  When you do you'll be surprised to find this white, English boy.  Dude has serious soul and righteous raps.  A.Skillz mashes up traditional old school fuck, electronica that tastes like the 70's but uses ingredients of modern technology to get there.  It will be interesting to see where he is scheduled time-wise during LIB because I was feeling an after-lunch dance party with these sounds.

Aaron Snapes is another UK import bringing some crazy house music to Lake Skinner.  Snapes grew up in the London scene searching for the sounds that fed his soul.  Trance, Garage, drum & bass along with traditional hip-hop are in his original mise en place.  Today he just wants to make people dance.  He admits he doesn't take it too seriously and by not doing so, he is pumping out beats that just seem to make the whole body want to move.  So bring your best body roll to LIB it's going to get a work out for sure.  Honestly I'd ove to wake up to this, do some dancing with a coffee style in hand...like I'm doing right now.

Acid Pauli mixes up mostly chill, mellow electronica. I was left on my own with this German artist as even his website doesn't contain any bio material.  Thankfully there is a lot of his music on Spotify so you can get a feel for this musician.  There's some sound experimentation that goes on in certain tracks.  I always like an artist willing to work outside the box, well at least if they can find the right combinations.  The mixing of different textures and tempos within the same recording is really interesting.  "Farewell Fred" I heard the coffee perking, reading your horoscope before moving on to the crossword puzzle after the coffee is poured, tapping the pencil on the table...a great morning song.  I could do late afternoon writing, editting or napping to this music.

Tomorrow I'll review Andreilien, Black 22s and Blackbird Blackbird

Check out everything LIB at http://lightninginabottle.org/ and http://thedolab.com/  All these great folks can also be found on Facebook and Twitter so friend them and follow them.  Hope to see you all in Temecula in July.

Music line-up for Lightning In A Bottle announced

Today DoLab posted the powerhouse line-up of musical performers for this year's festival.  In its new home at Lake Skinner,  Lightning In A Bottle will welcome Nicolas Jaar, Rusko, Tycho, and Paper Diamond as headliners to this summer’s festival.

Over the past eight years, DoLab’s main event has taken place over the Memorial Day weekend in Oak Canyon Park.  Due to new land use regulations the festival has not only changed its location to Temecula but has also dates.  This year things get rocking on July 11th and run thru the 14th.

The music lineup for the the country's premier boutique music and arts festival also includes the sounds of Miguel Migs, Eskmo, Tim Green, Cari Lekebusch, Blockhead, and Kastle. Icon of house François K, indie artist Blackbird Blackbird, L.A.’s own Jason Bentley, Herbert Bail Orchestra plus many others.  Mixtures of performance, music and installation art will be presented by Lucent Dossier Experience and William Close with the Earth Harp.

DoLab co-founder and curator Jesse Fleming sums up the music elements of Lightning In A Bottle like this, "Our goal with the music is to create a positive and uplifting experience, with a good balance of beautiful melodic music and good old party music. After 4 months of in depth research and a lot of listening we tried to cover as many genres as possible that we feel fit the vibe that we're trying to create with Lightning in a Bottle.”

For more information about Lightning in a Bottle, and to purchase tickets, visit http://lightninginabottle.org. Follow LIB at  www.facebook.com/LightningInaBottle or The Do LaB at www.facebook.com/thedolab or www.twitter.com/thedolab.                    

Based in Los Angeles, The Do LaB’s mission is to craft experience as art and bring communities together. Aside from showcasing electronic music artists throughout Southern California, The Do LaB is well known for creating unique art installations/stages and curating cutting edge acts at the inner misting Oasis stage at Coachella in addition to producing Southern California’s Lightning in a Bottle and the game changing 2012 Winter Solstice event The Great Convergence which took place at the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The Do Lab’s work has also been showcased at Virgin Music Festival, Global Gathering, Portugal’s Boom Festival and many more.