Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sonic Chakra Yoga | Omega

Sonic Chakra Yoga | Omega:

This is a "must attend" program.  Share with Andrea Brook in the experiences of Chakara Yogo combined with the wonderful sounds of the Earth Harp.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FindArt Magazine

FIND Art Magazine:

Stumbled across this little morsel while wandering around Facebook this morning.  The rolling gallery is an awesome idea.  We need more of that.  What ever happened to those "arts appreciation" classes we had to take in grammar school?  I think if they had made them that fun we would have actually appreciated the art.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Arts 4 Life Presented by MuzArt World Foundation

June 9, 2012     7p.m.-9p.m. 

Please join us for the launch event for MuzArt World Foundation. This will be the first fundraiser held for this wonderful non-profit. 

MuzArt World Foundation is curating an upcoming art exhibit called “Arts for Life” and we would love to have all of your beautiful faces at the show. MuzArt World Foundation and the Right to Succeed, two nonprofit education groups, are co-chairing an event in June of art, music, cocktails and live painting to raise funds to support their programs which ensure music and art will continue to be taught in the public schools—something I think we all agree on!

The event will be held Saturday June 9, 2012 from 7 – 10 pm at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery (1431 Ocean Ave) in Santa Monica, CA. 

Come READY to buy some amazing ART!!!! 


-John Park
-Max Neutra
-S.V. Williams
-Mimi Yoon
-Donna Trousdale
-Christina Angelina
-L. Croskey
-Michael Pucak

John Park
Mimi Yoon
Michael Pucak

Dj's for the evening will be:

-Vince Argentine
-Richard Priest

***Welcoming Los Angeles School of Global Studies Students ***
We are working with this local Los Angeles High School class and their work will be on display the night of the show. 


Bluecanvas Magazine
Mocap Militia
Robert Renzoni Vineyards

$10 at the door 

***All proceeds are donated to Muzart World Foundatioon and Right to Succeed. Please come support this wonderful cause

sLab Art | Street Art Blog | Street Art Matters

sLab Art | Street Art Blog | Street Art Matters:

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fine Art Direct

Fine Art Direct:

Can't afford an original piece of art.  Want to have very good, gorgeous work done by respected artists?  Fine Art Direct offers beautiful, high quality, prints of some of the finest pieces from the artists on their roster.  Right now you can click a button and get a $50 discount gift.  The company is also celebrating it's two year anniversary offering even more savings on these Giclees prints.  You can afford a piece of real art.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Daily Bruin :: Pianos become street art in Los Angeles as part of installation ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’

The Daily Bruin :: Pianos become street art in Los Angeles as part of installation ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’:
Lexy Atmore
Fourth-year philosophy student Eric Fischer plays the piano that was delivered in front of the steps of Royce Hall on Monday evening. The instrument is one of the 30 pianos that are a part of the Los Angeles-wide art installation “Play Me, I’m Yours,” organized by UCLAalumna and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra project coordinator Sandra Chien.'via Blog this'

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Red Bull Curates - Hans Haveron moves on to Miami

When all the votes were tallied, Red Bull Curates announced "Team L.A." at 8 a.m. PT yesterday.  Hans Haveron makes up one third of the group with his creation inspired by spiritual peace and soul feeding.  The other two artists that will represent SoCal are Lydia Emily and Gregory Siff.  The three artists will travel to Miami in December for the final showdown between Team SF, Team LA, Team Chicago and Team NY at Art Basel.  Learn more at Red Bull Curates
Huffington Post

Arts nerds

Yeah, that's a label that got thrown at us at one time or another.  But while searching "Google Play" on my tablet, looking for an origami app, I learned to embrace that label even more.  I also would like to add "Arts Geek".  Why?  Because we artists have embraced the 21st Century and the technology that comes with it.

At this point more and more cell phone users have switched to some form of smartphone.  Tablets are becoming incredibly affordable and for those of us who need our technology to be mobile, they're a lot easier to schlep around than our laptops.  I would think it safe to assume that a large percentage of artists of any genre have a portable computer also and then there is the big old desktop sitting at home where we really grind out our work.  Personally, I'm on Android OS phone #2 having gone "smart" last year.  This time I spent good money and got the top of the line of my personal favorite.  It is a speedy little devil and is loaded up with all my productivity and travel apps.  Next is my tablet.  I have a crazy hybrid, a Touchdroid as the rest of the geeks have labeled it.  I got in on HP's 'fire sale' of Touchpads then ported Android onto it as WebOS, albeit stable, sucks for app availability, especially free apps.  My TD has things that I prefer using in a bigger environment...Evernote, calendar, Skype and Splashtop which allows me to actually work on my home computer while on the road.  It also has a lot of my news apps.

This morning I put in "arts" to the search field in "Google Play" (formerly The Marketplace) and the returns I got blew my mind a little.  Did you know that MoMA has an app?  How about Arts Institute of Chicago?  Speaking of the Windy City, the 2012 Lollapalooza app is already available.  Art Basel in Miami had an app for this year's gathering.  Of course there are a million city visitors guides where you can find arts events, galleries and performances.  Or just a simple app called "Famous paintings" where anyone can either acquaint or reacquaint themselves with historical masterpieces.

Behind all this are the digital artists.  The graphics designers who 'paint' the backgrounds for websites or the layout designers who put it all together in a way that is pleasing to the eye.  For many of these folks, that's their day job.  Away from the cube farm, these artists get into Illustrator and Photoshop and let their styluses and their imaginations run wild.  One of my favorite digital artists in Android Jones who is not only pushing the limits of what his computer can do to create a 'painting', he's taking the display of his art to new and amazing extremes like projecting it on the Sydney opera house.  There are photographers like Jamais Vu who take their alread amazing snapshots and then manipulate them into exotic settings.  Or musicians...yes musicians like DeadMau5 and Skrillex who are pushing sound creation programs into deep, dark places that result in places that challenge the ears and the mind.

Artists embrace your nerdiness.  Let us claim our share of the technological age for beauty and creativity.

Myth Masque's Costumers' Challenge

From Myth Masque's Facebook ( ):

We've crafted a unique competition to recognize the talent, skill and sheer amount of effort that goes into envisioning and bringing to life elaborate pieces for an event such as MYTH Masque. In fact, we understand that the ensembles of our guests aren't really "costumes," so much as they are fabulous representations of the various facets of themselves... Celebrating that, winners of the Costumers' Challenge will be rewarded as follows:

FIRST PLACE costumer will receive a $500 'costume grant' (for your next brilliant creation!), two Imperial Passports for our 2013 Event, as well as a full bio and profile of your amazing work on a special section of theMYTH Masque website and Facebook Page.

SECOND PLACE costumer will receive two Imperial Passports to our 2013 Event, along with a profile of your work on the MYTH Masquewebsite and Facebook Page.

THIRD PLACE costumer will receive two Aristocratic Passports to our 2013 event, along with a profile of your work on the MYTH Masque website and Facebook Page.

FOURTH THROUGH TENTH PLACE costumers will each receive a pair of Chimerical Passports to our 2013 Event.

 All winners will be invited to be a part of our 2013 promotional photoshoots.

. . . . . . . . .

COSTUMERS' CHALLENGE Rules and Guidelines are as follows:

~ Your costume must be shown in its inaugural debut. In other words, eligible costumesmust be new, and may not have been worn to, or photographed at any other costume conventions, events or parties.

~ You are permitted to design a costume and have someone else fabricate it; however, the design must be 100% original.

~ You may opt to have someone else accompany you to model your costume at the Masquerade. The designer and creator of the costume will receive the award and is welcome to distribute the winnings as they see fit.

~ Entries must be registered prior to the June 9th Event via the MYTH Masque website. We will begin to accept submissions in early Spring.

~ In order to maintain accuracy and fairness, all entries will be formally photographed on the evening of the event, in the same environment: the Gilded Dome in the VIBIANA foyer. Logistics for handling this will be ironed out and announced as the event draws closer.

~ Voting (public and open to all who attend MYTH Masque) will begin on June 30th and end on July 30th. Winners will be announced in early August.

Additional details soon to be revealed... More at

Monday, April 2, 2012

More on Red Bull Curates

Voting on today's creations will happen on Thursday, April 5th from 9 p.m. till Midnight.  Here's the official info post from The Red Bull Curates LA Facebook:

Celebrating Los Angeles' most innovative contemporary artists as they turn their eye-catching designs into canvas-wrapped Red Bull coolers. The work will be showcased at LAB Art, West Hollywood on April 5, 2012. Fans and a luminary panel of judges featuring Taryn Manning, Domingo Zapata and Jon Reiss will vote 3 artist through to participate in a Red Bull Curates group exhibition this December in Miami during the Art Basel Season. Vote your favorite artist through to Miami now! Download a QR code reader to your phone to vote for your favorite artist during the event.
Ages 21+

DJ Morse Code

#RBCurates | @redbullLAX

Selected Artists:
• Leba • Nathan Spoor • Lydia Emily • Codak • Destroy All Design •
Benjamin Alejandro • Thank You X • Hans Haveron • Zombie • Gregory Siff • Jules Muck • Louis Carreon • Ernesto Yerena Montejano • Septerhed • Smear • Cyrcle • KH No. 7 • Bryan Snyder • Aise Born • Kophns One • Mar • T$F

Featured Venues:
• Goodlife • Viper Room • Tropicana Room at the
Roosevelt • The 3 Clubs • Rock N Reillys • The Satellite • The Echo •
Gold Room • Los Globos • Los Angeles Brewing Company (LABC) • La Cita • Exchange LA • Akbar • The Brig • Nikki’s • Danny’s • Hotel Erwin Rooftop • Cities • Silverlake Lounge • The Darkroom

Parking: Please use the parking structure, with the Shepard Fairey mural, on the corner of La Brea Avenue and 2nd Street, exactly one block north of the gallery on the west side of the street.

Please support these artists and the ones who will be competing in Chicago in June and the NYC event in September. 

Red Bull Curates | Los Angeles :: Red Bull

Red Bull Curates | Los Angeles :: Red Bull:

Filming for LA starts today.  Notice that Hans Haveron is one of the artists participating.

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