Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flash mobs - when the dance tribes come out to play

Jim Cantiello of MTV posted a link to a YouTube video this morning.  It was of Todrick Hall, American Idol 'almost was' from Season 9.  Mr. Hall rounded up some of his L.A. dance friends and put together a great number to Beyonce's "End Of Time".  It was a great video and a really good performance that included 'steppers', jazz moves and what appeared to be 'Miss Mary's dance class' from a local studio.

That got my brain pointed to that silly cell phone commercial where the guy shows up to "flash" at Grand Central Station but the group has changed the performance time.  I did a search for "flash mob Grand Central Station" just to see what people have posted of performances in my favorite mass transit hub.  I found a choreographed fashion show but not much else in the way of actual dance routines.  However, when I entered just "flash mob" into the search field...I found "Beat It" in Sweden, a Glee medley in Italy, the list went on and on.

Flash mobs are part of street performance art.  It is definitely tribal in its concept and roots.  It is people with a passion (and a bit of talent) for dance who come together, share their choreography and moves to bring to "the people".  You don't ever have to pay to see one of these shows.  However, you do have to be fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.  You will participate in dance that comes from the heart and the soul.  No, it won't be the best routine you've ever seen, but it will be genuine and organic.  It will pull you in emotionally.  So if you're ever lucky enough to be an observer, appreciate every moment.  If you are a dancer, continue to seek out the tribes where you are and share your art with them and with the audience whoever they are and where ever you attract one.

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