Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't Give Up

Streetsy became my favorite (so far) site to learn about street art around the world.  I've always had an eye for graffiti.  What many people see as tags that deface public property, I find myself viewing as art and critiquing it as such.  Admittedly, some kids just need to put down the spray can.  They're creative talent does not lie in that form of fine art.  Maybe they need to try music, sculpting, dance, just not trying to make something beautiful esthetically and emotionally.

However there are some artists out there who can just make a name or monogram or series of numbers a gorgeous work of art.  Some of them paint entire murals on the sides of buildings or on bridge abutments that belong in a museum.  Other artists make social statements.  This was the type of artist I found in a Streetsy post today.

So enjoy Morely.  His message speaks to me.  We Love Street Art - Posters by Morley

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