Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bill Haveron-a lone wolf of the tribe

Hans, Charlotte and Bill
For the past couple of months I've been getting to know Hans Haveron's artist father Bill in preparation for a promotion of their upcoming father-son gallery show in Dallas.  I have to admit that initially I was a little scared because Bill's art told a story in a language that was kind of foreign to me.  However, that has changed completely.

Bill Haveron grew up in and around the honky tonks outside of Dallas. He was always a bit of a loaner, not fitting into any group or gang.  At times he says he felt like his own worst enemy. However, he did discover his talents for creating visual art.  Talents that were recognized and tutored by well-known members of the Texas gallery elite.

But as time past, Bill also learned the dark side of that world. Dog-eat-dog, favors and games to get works promoted and always in the public eye.  Art as one's vocation took all the romance out of the creative process, something Haveron detested. It took a heavy toll on him trying to maintain "success"; a term along with "failure" that Bill never wants to have to consider again in his work.

All of that drove Bill Haveron to become a bit of an artistic recluse.  These days he creates the art that is inside of him mainly to express it for himself and not for any audience in particular.  He will gladly tell his story to anyone who is truly interested in listening.  It's not that he won't share his art but he now creates for the sake of putting what he is feeling on canvass or wood without the potential resale value lurking in the back of his mind.

As with many fine artists, music has its role in Bill's creative process.  Inspired by the Fats Domino "Let The Four Winds Blow", Haveron refers to his studio as The Chapel of The Four Winds.  Music plays inside all the time.  Bill has a very broad musical pallette but says rap and jazz are his brussell sprouts or liver. On a side note, his least favorite food is actually cilantro.   He thinks that his Texas upbringing may have contributed to the fact that there is some Country-Western music that he enjoys.  He is a bit digitally-analog, opting for CDs rather than plugging in an iPod or internet radio to keep melodies flowing through the studio all the time.

Preparing for the upcoming "Raven's Riddle" gallery show has offered Bill the chance to reflect on his own career, learn more about his son's and get excited for this new chapter.  He looking forward not only to the show but the time that Hans' will be spending at "The Chapel" preparing for it. Looking at Bill's work with new eyes, he tends to tell the story of times recently passed or current.  He reveals things and wakes people up.  Hans seems to capture what is, hopefully, to come. He gives audiences something to look forward to, something to strive for.  This has the potential to result in a very balanced show, yin and yang.

For more information on Bill Haveron visit and about Raven's Riddle visit Kirk Hopper Gallery

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