Thursday, February 28, 2013

Art of the New Age

This morning my friend John Park shared this on his Facebook.  I've seen many artistic creations using computers but this one turned on that big lightbulb in my brain.  This is the art of now and of the future.  We have this amazing tool called a computer.  It can be a large box that sits on a desk or table with a separate or integrated monitor.  It can be a portable unit that most people refer to as a laptop.  Most are just as powerful as a desktop at this point but allow two, three or a hundred users to congregate and collaborate.  Then came the evolution of cell phones and their big sisters, tablets.

In the cell phone world; social networks, photo apps, and media messaging have become art makers.  The art is then shared around the world in nana-seconds.  Tablets have become not only for traditional visual artists but for fashion designers, lighting designers and others.  Of course they are the handiest of gadgets for writers and musicians.

Yes, the combination of traditional live art and computers is the art of the New Age. It will be interesting to see where we go with it.

p.s. I also learned that all of these dancers auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance last year.  One of them, Cyrus, made it to the top two.  I also want to through in that I didn't used to appreciate urban art, especially dance and music.  Then my son went to middle and high school in New Haven.  I now love great street dance, hip-hop and even some rap.  I needed to experience it in context.

Below is another example of the combination of computers and live art from my friend Hans Haveron:

Video/ Projection mapping onto Hans Haveron art:Titled: "Dragon's Pearl" from Albertico Acosta on Vimeo.

Edit-addtion 3/3/13 Here is yet another technological art installment that utilizes computers in costuming, lighting and syncing the track to the lights.  Very impressive

Projection mapping by Dandy Punk

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