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Ricky Rebel - a revolution of healing through art

Under the shiny veneer of commercial show business is the larger community of real artists.  These people sing, dance, play and act because it's in their soul.  They can't not do it.  Sometimes one or two of them will break through the ice and make an appearance in the national or even international arena.  This has happened with a few members of the tribe.  Ricky Rebel found his crack in the looking glass with alternative rockers My Chemical Romance in the music video for the first single off their album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.  This video was the first chapter of a story about the Killjoys: Fun Ghoul (Frank Iero), Jetstar (Ray Torro), Kobra Kid (Mikey Way), Party Poison (Gerard Way), Tank Girl (Grace Jeanette), Dr. Deathdefying (Steve Righ of MSI) and Show Pony.  The roller skating, tights and tank wearing, helmet hidden revolutionary was portrayed by Ricky Rebel. 

Ricky had crossed my radar early in my journey into the tribe but then was lost track of as others took my time and attention.  Recently he was back as a strong blip when I learned of his connection to people I have grown close to.  I immediately made contact and we have had some great conversations including the following email interview. Ricky was destined to be a part of the tribe at some point.  He is adventurous, a risk taker, honest and passionate.  I hope you find him as interesting and charming as I do .

If you are in the Los Angeles area he will be playing at Bar Sinister on 6/29.  All the information can be found at the end of this post.   If you can't make it to the show be sure to visit his website where you can listen to his music, watch videos and look for other live performances.My favorite Language I speak is music. Music will always be my number one form of expression. Music is a Vibration. All things exist as energy as particles vibrating together. I try to reach others through music to create higher vibrations with one another.

I know that Ricky is a musician, a dancer, and a stylist. What other languages do you speak?  What was your first art.  Today which is your favorite to speak.

My first art is movement/physical body awareness and control. I learned that at age 7 when I started taking gymnastics classes. I Ranked 13th in the State of California. I had dreams of going to the Olympics, but that changed when I discovered dance and performing. It’s such a different world compared to the strict rules of gymnastics and competing. I prefer the no rules approach. 

I speak the language of healing. Through my music I heal my fans that I call my “Rebels.” I have read some amazing letters from Rebels all around the world that tell me how much my music has touched moved and inspired them. When they feel down they say that they can listen to my music and that it helps them get through the hard times. That’s why I do what I do. I want to heal people. 

My favorite Language I speak is music. Music will always be my number one form of expression. Music is a Vibration. All things exist as energy as particles vibrating together. I try to reach others through music to create higher vibrations with one another. 

What languages do you understand? Why?  Which speak to your heart? Your soul?

I speak the language of Music, Photography, Fashion, Film, and Acting. All of these art forms heal my soul. Film and acting I think are the most influential to me. Every time an amazing artist gets up and performs he or she is essentially acting. Acting is the highest and truest of all the art forms in my opinion. Without the ability to convey a message, tell a story, or become the role, than we are nothing as an artist. Life is acting. Acting is what we do everyday. We choose and create the roles that we play. 

Finally my favorite question...What is the one art that you wish you could create in that you positively suck at? 

Honestly, there are times that I feel like a shitty actor. But that’s only because I know in my heart that I can be great at it. One day I hope I portray a role that blows people minds. At this point, it’s the only art form that I haven’t proven to myself that I excel in. Which is a great thing. It means that I don’t have unrealistic expectations. As an actor. As an artist, that is the best position I feel I can best create in. As an actor I am the opposite of jaded. My heart is 100% open to the possibilities. At times I believe that I am a great actor, at times I don’t, which is cool because a few of my favorite actors are the ones that people agree, “suck.”

You are one of the post-modern gypsies, a member of the tribe.  Did you find them or did they find you?  

I found them so to speak. I was filming a Reality show for MTV about the life of underground Artists and I was looking for other people to get involved with the project. I came across Roxy Contin’s profile. I hit her up and we instantly became friends. She took me under her wing and introduced me to the tribe. She knew that I was friends with Adam Lambert so that helped to make us closer and trust one another. 

We are just starting to see influences and members of the tribe here on the east coast. Your thoughts on SoCal vs NYC arts scenes? 

I am all about Bi Coastal art culture. I believe that it is important for an artist to stay on top of what’s going on in both the SoCal and NY scenes. Both have important contributions to art and fashion. I feel like NYC is a faster tempo then CA though. Over here the weather is too comfortable. It makes us less rushed to survive. In NYC the elements are harsher so the instinct to survive is heightened. I hope to live in both places soon though. I feel like I would thrive in the NY state of mind. Everyone moves too slowly for me here in LA.

What is one thing that you really want people to know about you as a person or an artist?

I want people to know, to feel, and experience the authenticity that runs through all of the work that I do. I write, compose, perform, record, and produce all of my songs. Everything I do comes from an honest place. I have a message, and that is to “Rebel against the Darkness, and shine your light.” I want to be an example of someone who is true to their work, highly successful, and hopefully inspiring others in the process.

Ricky Rebel Live June 29th At Club Bar Sinister 
Bar Sinister located at Boardner's in the B52 Club 
1652 N. Cherokee Avenue, Hollywood, CA  90028 
Phone:  323.462.1934 or 9621
Site: ,, or 
Open:  10pm-3am 
Strictly 18 & Over 
Dress Code:  Gothic, Fetish, Alternative, Upscale or all Black Attire enforced – NO STREET CLOTHES or PICNIC ATTIRE!

For any further information on Ricky or upcoming performances, please check out the newly revamped official website:

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