Monday, January 23, 2012

Universal keys of wisdom

The first key, the key of truth.  "You shall know the truth and it shall set you free".

Lies, deceit, keeping secrets all create prisons of one sort or another.  My mother used to say "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive".  There is so much truth in just that statement.  When one begins to relate an event but chooses to embellish it or leave out parts, the teller must remember exactly how the story was told for they know that the person who is hearing it could repeat it to someone else and then the game of "telephone" ensues.  Some unexpected party comes up to the originator of the tale asking for additional details.  Now the teller must scurry through their brain to relate the thing verbatim.  This creates a trap that ensnares the teller.  He is not free to relate things as they actually happened or worse, admit that they made the whole thing up having absolutely no real life experience of the event.  If they fail to get their story straight, the listener then goes back to their circle with the information that Storyteller is a liar.  This locks the teller out of future communication with all those who have heard this as no one trusts him any more.

Cheating works the same, whether in a business deal, a romantic relationship or even on a test at school.  There are facts that one hides to protect themselves for being punished for an attempt to gain more for oneself at the expense of someone else.  Cheating locks a student out of a chance at some colleges or careers.  Cheating locks a romantic partner out of establishing a trusting relationship.  Cheating locks a business person out of future business transactions.

The truth isn't always an easy thing to deal with.  The hardest is when you have to use it to admit that you've done something wrong.  Someone will get hurt.  You may be punished.  It could cost you financially, professionally, emotionally or psychologically.  There is no truer saying than "The truth hurts".  However, once you've told the truth, your whole physiology reacts.  Yes, you get scared, you get hurt, you face the music. But then when it's over, you've learned your lesson.  You're conscience is clear.  People still trust you.  You are free to hold your head high.  You are free to admit you were wrong or made a mistake.  You are free to apologize and free to have the apology genuinely accepted.  You are free to move on to a better job or relationship.

Truth is a tough thing, but is will unlock one of the doors to wisdom.  Being truthful makes you trustworthy.  It is a very wise thing to do.

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