Friday, January 27, 2012

The key of patience

True wisdom is revealed through patience.  Rare is the occasion that an answer is blatantly obvious on first notice.  Many times we think we see the whole thing but as time passes more pieces of the puzzle turn up, fleshing out the original response. 

Wisdom can involved getting to know someone.  A person may have information or an idea that will help you develop into a better person.  At first meeting that person might display personality traits that put you off.  But for they keep crossing you life path and something about them intrigues you.  It will take patience to get through the veneer and eventually, discover the treasure they hold for you.  In turn you may have a piece of them that has been missing.

Patience is needed when you plant a seed.  Ideas and plans need time to grow and flesh out.  Goals take time to reach successfully.  If you rush them, you may get to the end but have missed more than one thing you needed to complete the task once you get there.  It is truly frustrating when your life and/or spirit path brings you close enough to the end that you can smell it only to have the path lead off miles away from it again.  However, if you step over the line or break through the barricade, not matter how thin, you will arrive at the spot at the wrong time and things will not turn out the way you had hoped.

Patience is a virtue and key to living a fulfilled life. 

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