Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Keys and Feathers

At the opening of Hans and Bill Haveron's first father-son show, the Kirk Hopper Gallery offered up a back wall to Hans for one of his famous "live paintings.  With the show's theme of Raven's Riddle still influencing his muses, the younger Haveron "feather bombed" with wall with an 8' high by 20' long feather which he painted within a one hour time limit he imposed on himself.  

Bill shared this photo with me which was taken by
John F Ladd.  The first thing I noticed was yet another completed "key circle".  As any of you who have read The Tribes from its beginnings knows, Hans is the original source of Sepia's key.  The painting "Sepia's Secret" has resulted in various representations of the key as a tattoo, jewelry and in graphic designs.  The evening of this painting session, Hans chose to wear the key fashioned for him by Shannon Shiang who has also created a special version of the key pendant for Adam Lambert to compliment his tattoo.  Adam owns the original painting of "Sepia's Secret".

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