Monday, October 22, 2012

West meets East-Lucent Dossier is coming to New York

Some wonderful "friends I haven't met yet" are coming to Manhattan and are setting up shop at The Liberty Theater in Times Square. Lucent Dossier Experience have been invited to make the trek from Los Angeles to be "artists in residence" at the recently restored Liberty Theater just off Times Square.  They are kicking off this residency this weekend.  What better way to start Halloween than with this band of silly, crazy, talented, creative performers?  Their costumes may be the best ones in the house.

Who are Lucent Dossier you ask?  Well, if you are/were a fan of Panic! at The Disco or the Dresden Dolls or have attended Coachella you probably know.  If your a TV viewer who has watched the Grammys, the Scream Awards or Top Chef Just Desserts last seaon, you may have seen the cirque troupe They've also performed with Motley Crue, Aerosmith and The Black Eyed Peas.

Lucent Dossier was founded by Dream Rockwell and first performed on New Year's Eve of 2004.  The Los Angeles based troupe is the epitome of post-modern gypsies-traveling performers who create with what is around them.  Wild costumes from repurposed materials, music concocted from instruments and electronic gear members brought with them.  In Dream's own words, "We are curators of environmental experiences and we do it our way. We're a little bent, we're deeply sensual and we love to have fun. The fashion or style of Lucent that people often talk about is super important to us, just 'cause it's imaginative and takes us all on a journey. The technique of our craft, which sort of falls into the realm of carnival or cirque arts is all part of it, but at the end of the day we are most interested in human alchemy.

As for the New York "Encounter specifically Dream went on to say, "I think that what's important about the NYC Lucent Encounter is that people get ready to experience something new. We are creating a little oasis for people to come into and dance and get silly, express themselves, feel a kind of unique connection with other beings, dress wild, be free. We're excited to create a space for people to come into and explore, to find new ways of relating to other humans, to find freedom of expression in all it's forms, a place to celebrate the uniqueness that is inside each one of us, a place to just get your wiggle out! Life can be hard, earth is a tough venue but when we come together in celebration it makes it all worth it, it makes it easier to get through the tough times. We're excited to build community in NY and play with new friends."

As for the Liberty Theater, this renovation and reopening is just another wonderful addition to the make-over Times Square has been experiencing for the past two decades.  The project has been the love-child of Times Square Hospitality Group.  They have not only given the old theater a face lift, they have added the option to provide catered tabled events.  The house can hold up to 1500 people now and the entire lighting and sound system has been upgraded to state of the art including projection equipment.  The design was with the intent to create a new and needed option to New York City nightlife.  Ray Trosa, co-founder of TSHG, who had seen Lucent Dossier perform, believes the cirque is a perfect match for this venue.

Lucent Dossier is managed by Andrew Cohen of Art House Live. "Lucent Encounter" is produced by Lucent Dossier and Jody Levy of Stitch Experience Design.  To purchase tickets and learn more about "Lucent Encounter" and the Liberty Theater click here.

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