Saturday, April 7, 2012

Myth Masque's Costumers' Challenge

From Myth Masque's Facebook ( ):

We've crafted a unique competition to recognize the talent, skill and sheer amount of effort that goes into envisioning and bringing to life elaborate pieces for an event such as MYTH Masque. In fact, we understand that the ensembles of our guests aren't really "costumes," so much as they are fabulous representations of the various facets of themselves... Celebrating that, winners of the Costumers' Challenge will be rewarded as follows:

FIRST PLACE costumer will receive a $500 'costume grant' (for your next brilliant creation!), two Imperial Passports for our 2013 Event, as well as a full bio and profile of your amazing work on a special section of theMYTH Masque website and Facebook Page.

SECOND PLACE costumer will receive two Imperial Passports to our 2013 Event, along with a profile of your work on the MYTH Masquewebsite and Facebook Page.

THIRD PLACE costumer will receive two Aristocratic Passports to our 2013 event, along with a profile of your work on the MYTH Masque website and Facebook Page.

FOURTH THROUGH TENTH PLACE costumers will each receive a pair of Chimerical Passports to our 2013 Event.

 All winners will be invited to be a part of our 2013 promotional photoshoots.

. . . . . . . . .

COSTUMERS' CHALLENGE Rules and Guidelines are as follows:

~ Your costume must be shown in its inaugural debut. In other words, eligible costumesmust be new, and may not have been worn to, or photographed at any other costume conventions, events or parties.

~ You are permitted to design a costume and have someone else fabricate it; however, the design must be 100% original.

~ You may opt to have someone else accompany you to model your costume at the Masquerade. The designer and creator of the costume will receive the award and is welcome to distribute the winnings as they see fit.

~ Entries must be registered prior to the June 9th Event via the MYTH Masque website. We will begin to accept submissions in early Spring.

~ In order to maintain accuracy and fairness, all entries will be formally photographed on the evening of the event, in the same environment: the Gilded Dome in the VIBIANA foyer. Logistics for handling this will be ironed out and announced as the event draws closer.

~ Voting (public and open to all who attend MYTH Masque) will begin on June 30th and end on July 30th. Winners will be announced in early August.

Additional details soon to be revealed... More at

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