Thursday, February 23, 2012

A key to success by Alexander DCD

We are all aware of keys in life.  We are always unlocking something in ourselves or others.  One of the themes in most people's lives is success.  It starts with learning to do the basics.  We, hopefully, succeed in learning ways to convey ourselves through life - rolling, crawling, walking running.  We must succeed in learning how to nourish ourselves.  Eventually we learn how to cook, shop, grow food but first we must succeed in getting food into our bodies.

Next would probably be communication.  A baby succeeds at getting the attention it needs by squacking or crying if it is in some kind of discomfort.  Eventually it learns words or signs if they are mute.  If they are deaf they must succeed at learning to read lips and sign language.  A blind child must learn braille.

After we succeed at the basics then we deal with more complex concepts of success. Transportation/conveyance - riding a skateboard, skiing, rollerblades or driving a car.  Communication - using a telephone, a computer, ART!  And of course success in a career.

Alexander hits the nail on the head with this piece.  Success takes dedication, conscious or unconscious. The baby is dedicated to succeeding in getting the attention it needs.  It does not stop making noise and/or moving until an older, more developed human notices and comes to the baby's aid.  The five-year old wanting to ride a bicycle will suffer bruises, cuts and sore muscles until they have achieved that perfect combination of motion and balance.  The college student who gives up a party to study so they see that Suma Cum Laude next to their name in the graduation program.  The eighty-year old who sits with their laptop until they succeed at sending that photo of their grandchildren to a friend via email.    Each of these people at each step in their lives have committed, dedicated themselves to the task at hand.  If they lose focus, drive or ambition they are no longer dedicated and even if they do not fail, they will not succeed in completing the task to its fullest end.

You can learn more about Alexander DCD and watch more videos on his YouTube channel, on his blog and on his official website .

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