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C.A.V.E. presents Hans Haveron "Black Diamond" 12/9/11

C.A.V.E. Gallery

Artists determined to make a living with their art depend on the gallery show, for the most part, to exhibit and sell their works.  However, those are not always the easiest thing to come by, especially a solo show.  The opportunity to have patrons focused on just their work is something no artist takes lightly.  Such an opportunity was recently extended to Hans Haveron by the L.A. gallery C.A.V.E.  Haveron has shown here before a couple of years ago and has been invited back for this show which will run thru Jan. 7th.

The gala opening for "Black Diamond" begins at 6 p.m. PST on Friday December 9th at C.A.V.E., 1108 Abott Kinney Blvd., Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291.  Hans has created almost a dozen new pieces in a style he describes as Samurai-Victorian-Futura.  The event's title reflects the black and white/grayscale theme of all of these pieces.  

Haveron has created this show as an entire process.  He says only about 60% is the actual art work.  He then considered the framing, the music and other elements for the opening night event.  Hans has requested that all guests continue the the color theme in their apparel choices for the opening.  He, himself has planned his own attire to fit in.  Music will be provided by DJ Numberwonderful and DJ Bus Rider.  There will be a live music set performed by Nico Luminous. Max Neutra will do a live painting exhibition.  Models be will circulating through the gallery displaying body painting by Haveron.  

Hans loves drawing.  It is what led him to experiment more in painting in the grayscale pallette.  When he realized that all the works he has done in this scheme have sold, he decided to dedicate this show to these tones.  He will be showing and offering for sale two drawings and at least eight paintings at C.A.V.E.

Other things the artist includes in the  process are finishing, clearcoating all the pieces perfectly, insuring everything has dried properly before going through the steps of wrapping and packing each work for transportation from Hans' studio to the gallery, the transportation, then unpacking and setting up the works at the gallery.  He says that he attributes his understanding and appreciation of the entire progression from beginning to end to his artist parents.  He grew up watching art created then being moved to galleries and museums.  Hans has also learned, through his experiences, that a one-man show requires such high levels of creative, physical, emotional and spiritual energy that he only commits to one a year.  He usually will participate in three or four multi-artist shows annually along with his live painting events.   

Digging a little deeper into the process and his family, Haveron explained that he has no formal training.  In fact at one point his father told him that "art school will be the death of you".  This left him free to explore the art within himself.  He also attributes his grandfather's anatomy lessons for the improvement of his art.  Knowing the basic architecture was critical piece of the creation.  

Body architecture plays a key role in the star piece of this show, "Caduceus".  The acrylic on canvas painting is 76"x50" and is Haveron's take on the Caduceus story from the stone tablets of Sumer found in 1912.  It is highly recommended that one do some research into this discovery and the resulting mythology.  It is understandable that "the church" would have blocked the publishing of results of this find, in that there are many similarities to Judeo-Christian scriptures regarding creation, supernatural beings and the hierarchy of "heavenly beings" and humans.  Haveron's painting is an epic portrayal of the messenger and symbol of the god Enki.  For this work, Hans employed Ana Bliss as his model.  

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