Monday, August 8, 2011

Loud light to drown out the dark

Last night, again, I was thinking about the lightbearers, the revolutionaries and the rebels.  For those who are not familiar with my feelings on the current socio-political situation in this country...I grow more fearful each day with how loud the darkness is getting.  People who claim to be "children of the light" and lovers of a benevolent Divine Being spew hate, fear and hypocrisy with greater regularity.  One of their battle cries is that socialism will overtake us and we will all become prisoners of the state.  However, they also preach a message of enslavement to their 'god'.

Then I looked at The Tribes, especially those that are not only creating art and encouraging new artists but using their art to send messages, build communities, build buildings, grow new businesses and preach a message of individuality within a communal group.  These are visionaries.  These are the hope to save the Republic.  These are the lightbearers.

So I call to the Tribes to turn up your light and shine it proud.  Make your voices and colors heard over the darkness.  Drown it out with beauty, conservation, fair trade, home-grown businesses, and a true concern for your fellow man.

This blog/zine is here to spread your voices.  To help you connect with each other and turn up the volume.  If you are aware of a story that needs to be told, a person or community that needs to be in the spotlight or a gathering that needs promotion, please email me.  I feel in my spirit that this is where I am supposed to focus most of my energy now.  In an effort to make this a place of real information and to aid the cause (along with self-discipline) I am making a set schedule:
Monday - coverage of the Northeastern US
Tuesday - Southeast
Wednesday - Midwest
Thursday - Southwest
Friday - West Coast
Weekends will be for special features and OpEd.
The site will be updated by 10 a.m. ET every day.

Deadline for submissions will be 5 business days prior to publish.  Example: if you have information pertinent to the West Coast, it must be to me by the previous Friday.  If you submit any actual art including photos, graphics, literary pieces, include credits and copyright information.  I will accept guest posts for the weekend additions.

I ask that you do what you can to promote this publication.  Subscribe and share as much as possible.  It is your voice as well as mine.

Light the fires
Beat the drums
Sing the song of a new revolution
Paint the walls
Sculpt the totems
We are the children of the Tribe

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