Monday, May 30, 2011

Describing ‘The Tribes’

Over the past four years I’ve crossed paths with many artists. At the beginning most I knew as musicians. Over time I’ve learned that most of them also work in numerous mediums from film to clay to pen and ink. These folks also tend to gravitate towards each other and take up residence in art communities within the locations they actually reside.
Truly established U.S. tribes seem to be strongest in southern California with other outposts being in Seattle, Chicago and parts of Texas. Surprisingly, the large numbers of artists in New York City tend to keep to themselves with only small close-knit groups with a few cross-overs. Boston seems to be the same with one band of hippie/gypsies that I have been able to pick out.
The point of this blog is to be a beacon to all the tribes mainly in North America but also internationally. As more artisans come forward to identify and define themselves and their communities, the picture should become clearer and the definition more precise of modern neo-tribalism amongst artists.

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